how to do Brisket point cut only/burnt ends?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by burkempers, Jul 22, 2014.

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    i'm pretty new here and haven't posted much at all, but i'm planning to smoke up a brisket point cut and make burnt ends. really don't wan't to get the whole packer thing. so how should i do this? just keep it in until it reaches about 195 and take it out, or should i take it out earlier, wrap, cube, put in broth, or whatever? thanks
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    Hey burkempers, my last burnt ends got great reviews from my guests and what I did was take the point to an IT of 195 to 200. Let it sit for 20 minutes, slice into cubes, put it back in an aluminum pan, sprinkle a bit of rub (if you like), toss in a cub of your favorite BBQ sauce, and put it back on the smoker at 250 for another 2 hours.

    These just melted in your mouth and were to die for...according to my wife, this is the best piece of meat she has had smoked so far. :)

    You can find my thread on brisket burnt ends here:

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    I will 2nd Knifebld's technique.  

    I did a whole packer and made burnt ends out of the point.  Those went first.  I deviated because I had to finish the brisket early due to a variety of reasons.   My brisket was done at 9:00 am and I held it in the cooler until 5:00 pm ( the towel cooler trick held the brisket at a perfect temp) then I used my Webber kettle grill to finish them off as I already cleaned up my smoker.   I did not add any more rub, just added a bit of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.  The relative sweetness of the burnt ends provided a nice compliment to the brisket flat.
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  4. I always make the point into burnt ends. I usually put a pan under the brisket while it's smoking. I de fat this and use it to wet down the cubed point. Sometimes the au jus is rather strong and I do not hesitate to water it down. Sometimes I add rub sometimes not. Then a light coat of BBQ sauce. Red sweet peppers and onions are nice additions. I put the pan of cubed point back on the smoker until the au jus reduces and the BBQ sauce caramelizes.

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