How to cook pork skins (Rinds) using steam kettles

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by lindsay herring, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I have a few steam jacketed kettles and use them to cook souse and pork chitterlings. My kettles hold about 600 lbs of product each. I am exploring the idea of cooking pork skins like pork rinds. I am not familiar with the procedure but I believe I am set up where I can do that. I am a USDA inspected plant so getting the skins and cooking the skins is a non issue. I just dont know how! I have heard something about cooking the skins in the kettles to produce the lard in which it is popped in, but again, I have no clue as I have not done this before.

    Are there any videos explaining the process? Does anyone have any advice?
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    I went thru a local mexican grocery/butcher shop awhile back...   They had 2 huge cast iron kettles full of lard, with a propane burner under them....  I think they cooked quite a few thing in them, including chichirones.... rendered the lard and sold it... don't know for sure... no english was spoken....   Dave 

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