How to convert this grill?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by macdad, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. macdad

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    My Dad saw someone selling an old SS Gas grill and though I could do something with it. Here is a picture.

    The grates are in good shape and structurally the grill is sound. I removed all the burners and the grease pan. The problem is that it is wide open on the bottom. I am thinking that I can close it off with sheet metal. Here is a picture of it torn down.

    I was thinking of building a firebox underneath on the right hand side. The problem is that I have no welding skills whatsoever. Is it possible to use that pre-drilled angle iron and sheet metal and bolt it together? Also, I was thinking of making it a reverse flow smoker. The steel is fairly thin gauge though, so I know if won't hold heat as well as the thicker steel. If I made it reverse flow, would it be more difficult to reach cooking temps, or is there no difference? Here is a picture of where I was thinking of placing the firebox.

    Any opinions would be much appreciated. Thanks, macdad
  2. I'd go for it if only for the "project" factor. It could turn out to be a sweet unit!
  3. macdad

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    Anyone in Northwest Ohio know a good steel supplier that sells to the consumer (not just big businesses)?

    Has anyone ever used scrap steel? Is there a concern of chemicals or oils in the steel that could contaminate your food?
  4. dave54

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    Any local machine shop should have what you need or be able to get it for you

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