How to choose a design for your new build

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by fbo13, May 26, 2014.

  1. Good evening boys and girls.  

    I'm planning on starting my first build this year.  Original plan is to make a reverse flow as I'm heard that it keeps a more stable temperature.  But it just occurred to me, it may be better that I not jump to conclusions.

    So, I figure I'll ask the people that have done this before and have worked with the various models.  

    What do you prefer and why?
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    Hello FB,
    I am in the starting stages of building my first smoker and after cooking on several types I decided to go with a jacks old south water cooker hybrid...I live the design and the fact that I can walk away from it is gonna be great (I am planning on using a digi que for temp control
  3. towerclimber

    towerclimber Fire Starter

  4. Very nice.  I was considering a reverse flow.  I have a guy at the scrap yard that wants to sell me a 400 lbs propane tank, figured with a 99 gallon capacity I could make something interesting with it.

    Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of a reverse flow?  I noticed that the temp was relatively constant through out the cook chamber but other than that?

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