how to build a smaller version of this smoker

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    i want a smaller version of this smoker, i was wondering if you can give me any tips on building it

  2. Pretty straight forward build I would think. Looks to be the pit at either  Kreuz's market in Lockhart serves great Que smoked up by Roy Perez, the pitmaster, for a long time or Smitty's which is the same family that owns both places.

    Built on croncrete, the brick sides come up about 3 to 31/2 ft with rebar rods across it every 3 ft to hold the grates for the meat, set about a foot or so below the top rim.  Heavy metal 4 ft x 8 ft sheets tops that are counter weighted. The main thing is to get the smoke to draw on this type of system, where the fire is built out on the floor in front and just the smoke and low heat drawn across the meat, is to have a very tall exhaust stack that will create enough draw on the smoke once heated up. Don't think a new fire has been built on this particular pit in quite awhile, they just shovel out the dead ash and keep adding new wood to the fire.

    Hope that this helps some, I know it's not the blue prints on the build, but the theory is the same. To get a good draft on a pit of this type is the exceptionally tall stack.
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