how often rub a pork belly with cure (rub)

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by drobble, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. drobble

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    Hi everyone,

    I just started to cure a pork belly for later smoking in a Bradley electrical smoker.

    I just the book Mastering the craft of smoking| by Warren Anderson.

    In this book there is therecipe fora cure listed as follow:

    1 tbsp. salt

    1/2 tsp onion powder

    1/2 tsp Cure #1 (Prague powder #1)

    1/2 tsp. garlic powder

    1/2 tsp white pepper

    and 2 tsp maple syrup

    for 2 1/4 pounds of pork belly.

    Than it says.. rub the pork belly with the rub and refrigerate.

    After 12 hours, rub again (overhaul) and rearrange, repeat this once a day for about 10 days (depending the thickness of the pork belly.

    My questions is, do I have to mix for every day again the recipe (as above) and rub the pork belly?

    At the end I have than used approx. 11 times the rub from the recipe over the period of the 10 days

    This is not very clear in the book.

    Perhaps someone can advise :)

    Any response is much appreciated.

  2. dirtsailor2003

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    I can't speak for that recipe, but when I do dry cures, I place the meat after it's been rubbed and any loose rub into a large ziplock. Everyday I massage the meat in the bag and flip it over. I add no additional dry rub.

    One thing to mention is you need to weigh the meat you are going to cure and make sure you use the appropriate amount of cure for the weight of the meat. There are many good threads here on the appropriate methods. I'd ditch that book as it sounds like that recipe is disaster waiting to happen.
  3. dirtsailor2003

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  4. daveomak

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    That recipe looks like it has the cure to meat ratio correct... 1/2 tsp. per 2 1/4 #'s of meat... maybe it means, continue to rub what's in the bag and on the meat... you do not want to add more rub... the initial rub looks as if it is intended for 2 1/4 #'s of meat..

    Looks like you are good to go to me.... Most folks here use a zip bag and flip like Dirt mentioned.. and you can massage the outside of the bag...
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  5. wombat

    wombat Newbie

    That's the recipe I have used. The rub is applied once and the bag is flipped and massaged twice a day for seven days per inch of belly thickness
  6. drobble

    drobble Newbie

    Thanks guys,

    I just wasn't sure "how often" to apply a fresh rub.

    I will continue with the one-measurements rub in the zip-lock.

    Means only 1/2 tsp of Cure #1 for 1 kg of meat

    Thanks again

  7. Does the rub go on before the maple syrup or vice versa? OR is the rub mixed with the syrup then applied?

    I'm so confused. [​IMG]
  8. rob sicc

    rob sicc Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    I just finished curing a piece of pork belly after a few bumps it came out great, thanks to folks like ChefJimmy and DaveOmak. 

    Apply the rub once and massage it every day while it is still in the ziplock bag.  do not remove the liquid.  When you return it to the fridge turn it over.  I normally do this for 7 days.  Then I rinse it off and let it dry in the fridge for another 3 days.  Then I smoke it. 

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