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  1. I have started cooking for a few people around town. they call in their order thursday and come pick it up fri or sat. how much should i charge for a 5lb butt and 2 racks of baby backs?
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    Usually licensed merchants will go 2-3 times over costs. Working on the 'good ol' boy' standard and thinking about how valuable your time is. Figure from 50% of costs on up. That'll give ya some spending / upgrading money.

    On edit: To clarify - Cost of all materials, meat, etc plus mark up of 50% of that cost on up.

    That's my pennies worth - keep the change.
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    Around here a lb of pulled pork is $9.95/lb. I just had a friend buy some yesterday is how I know.. Hope this helps..
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    $9.95/lb ... if I would've charged that for the 8# butt I'm doing for someone I would've made a killer profit!! I'm a sucker for generosity and for this first "bought" smoke, charged $25. Now that I've seen some of the prices posted here, will definitely have to up the ante!
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    Hmm, in the catering bro used to do, he charged $30-$40 for a butt and $20 for a rack of ribs.

    As with any business its what the market will bear. If the guy is buying two butts and a two rack of ribs, I'd probably give him a deal.
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    $20 for a rack of ribs is a little low in my opinion. you could have $9-$13 just in the meat. If they wanted 20 racks maybe that wouldn't be bad. 1 or 2 not so much.
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    All that advice and no Roll Call post ?? For shame, for shame...
  8. richtee

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    I am very diligent in checking... besides, I went to look for his smoker, etc... and no info.

    Offered the best advice I could with no data.
  9. If thats all you would charge, Ill skip all this and just buy from you!!

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