How many probes are too many?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by backyardsmokin, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Let me start by stating that I have the ET-732 and I have looked at the Digi-Q, BBQ Guru, Tappecue among others out on the market but none of them have what I am looking for.

    Having a pellet grill, I have created a basic sonar system (in another thread) to alert me when I need to add pellets, but even this one is with flaws.

    I am building a new system that can alert (via text or email) me on the following:
    • low pellets in the hopper
    • if pit temp goes out of whack
    • when food reaches temp
    • graphs the progress of temp over time
    I have the circuit design and programming figured out for the most part.  But I am stumbling on one part and would like everyone's thoughts.

    I will be using type K thermocouplers for the probes and the system can logically handle up to 96 probes. I was thinking of building with 16 connections in place, but only 4 probes to start.

    Some of those that I have spoke too think that this system is way too much and I will never need 16 probes.  

    My question is, for 1 pit how many probes is too many?  Am I going overboard building something can handle 16 probes?
  2. jckdanls 07

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    If you put 16 probes in the smoker.... where will you put the meat... there will be no room left for meat with all the probes in there.... myself, 16's a lil much ... one probe next to the meat would be good enough for me ... a low pellet hopper alert would be nice ...
  3. oddball

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    Depends on the size of the smoker I would guess.  The average person wouldn't likely need more than 4.  Even if you were cooking 3+ items in the smoker, you don't need to monitor them all, just a couple, specifically the smallest.  When they are done, the probes could then be moved.

    So yes, I'd say that many is overkill.
  4. After talking to you all and few other people from an internal circuitry standpoint I will put the guts in for 16 since the price difference between 4 and 16 probes is $40.  However, from a connectivity standpoint on the outside of the box I am going to put connections for 4 probes for now.  

    This way the box is built so if I ever get more pits or need to temp other things I have the ability to expand without having to redesign the system.
  5. drewed

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    2 pit temp probes ( one for each rack or each side ) and 4 food temp probes.  Sure you don't need to probe every hunk of meat, But I'll be short one probe this weekend - I guess the bean will just have to wing it!

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