How Many Mes Owners Here?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I too started using my first MES without using an AMNPS, but that was because Todd hadn't invented them yet. I would have probably gotten a different smoker or quit smoking altogether, because of my original MES 30 not producing smoke except for short times while the element was on.

    Then I got an MES 40, and it wouldn't smoke until the temp got to 210*. Then Masterbuilt replaced my chip burning assembly (Free Retro-fix), and that one would cause the chips to flare up. From there forward I only smoked with either my AMNS (for smokes under 200*), or my AMNPS (for smokes over 200*).  So keep an eye on your vent. If it does a lot of puffing, it could be flaming the chips. If it rarely smokes, it's because the element cycles on & off, like any electric smoker works. Don't let steam mist coming from your top vent fool you into thinking your getting smoke.

    There are a few who use their built in chip burner, but nearly all MES owners have gone to the Amazing Smokers, because you can get perfect consistent smoke for up to 11 or 12 hours, without touching it once it's lit properly.

    You're also welcome to use any of my Step by Steps in my Signature at the bottom of all my posts. Just click on anything that interests you.


  2. unclejoeyv

    unclejoeyv Fire Starter

    If you're using the MES without the AMNPS what I found helps keep the smoke going longer is to use the biggest chunks you can fit through the chip loader. I buy my wood in the big 20# bags from home depot and there's usually some good size chunks that will take up just about the whole loader tube. I got 3 hours of smoke from 1 load of wood in my 40" one time. It helps to keep the chip tray clear of ash between smokes.
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  3. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower


    I read that you are going to be doing a port butt for your first smoke and was wandering if you were going to cook it as a roast or be cooked and used for pulled pork. The manual that comes with the unit (if is like the one I got with mine) gives you instructions for a pork butt roast. I was misled by a show called QVC and was watching them pull the pork butt out of the smoker and pulling it and they said that the instructions are in the manual that comes with the MES smoker. I did not buy mine from QVC but from Sears and indeed it did come with instructions for a pork butt. BUT, the instructions they give you are for cooking it for use as a roast and not for pulled pork. It was not till I discovered this site that I found why it did not pull.

    That being said, I wanted to make sure you know that if you are planning to cook it so you can pull it, you need to smoke it until it reaches an internal temperature of AT LEAST 200 degrees or it won't pull. I usually cook it to 205 before I take it out and then wrap in foil and let sit for about 20 to 30 minutes before I pull it and it falls apart. If you cook it like the instructions in the manual says to do (which is to 170 degrees) you will only be able to slice it like a standard pork roast.

    As far as the Amazing Smoker goes, I love mine. But I only bought the AMNS model which is the dust one, not the pellet one. I have never had any problem with my MES flaring up. I have the 1st generation MES but after they had already started putting the smoker pan upgrade in at the factory. I use the standard chips that you can buy at any hardware store or places like Amazon etc. etc. And the MES works flawlessly for me with them and I don't mind having to go out ever 45 min. to an hour to add new chips. What I use mine AMNS dust smoker for is for COLD smoking. I wanted to be able to smoke stuff like cheese, herbs, spices and stuff like that which you don't want any heat for (cheese makes a big mess if it is smoked with heat, and no, I did not try to smoke cheese with heat). Now I bought my AMNS right before Tod had created the Pellet version and he did offer to even trade my Dust one for a Pellet one but for the reasons above I declined. The new pellet one will work with dust as well but since I will only ever be using mine for cold smokes I found no need for a bigger pellet/dust model.

    Looking forward to reading about your first smoke and don't forget to take and post pictures of your first experience for all of us to enjoy and drool over.
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  4. thunder lite

    thunder lite Fire Starter

    Last weekend I did two butts, a 9lb and a 7lb. After 26 hours of low and slow at 225 degrees, one was at 190 the other at 195. I got tired of waiting so I wrapped them, let them rest and then pulled them. They pulled fine. I tested them using my Thermopen and it registered 195 on one and slid in and out like they were butter.

    BTW, if you want a really good, but expensive, instant read, the Thermopen is it. I only wish I would have gotten one of the backlit ones since it seems I'm always finishing after dark (especially this time of the year).

  5. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    Well, if you wrapped in foil after they reached 190 & 195 they usually they usually will go up around 10 degrees while wrapped so they may have just reached the 200 plus mark before they started cooling down again. All I know is that on this forum all the pros say it has to reach at least 200 before it will pull right. So, after my disappointment after following the instructions in the MES manual and finding the 200 degree statements on this forum, I have never been disappointed again.
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  6. When I joined in Jan of 10 there were only a few here. Now it seems like there are a lot of people using them. I like a lot..
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  7. 173rdherd

    173rdherd Fire Starter

    just pulled a couple of 12 pounders (turkey) out of the MES 30....did them on hickory and used Slaughterhouse brine for 36hrs presoak and used my own Cajun style rub. Dinner by next kickoff.
  8. Sounds awesome. Give us an update
  9. Happy and safe (smokin') holiday season to all!  [​IMG]  
  10. ostrichsak

    ostrichsak Meat Mopper

    $139 shipped will do that. :biggrin:
  11. 06vmi06

    06vmi06 Newbie

    I have the 30" with window that was on bass pros Black Friday this year. Already done my first smoke (ribs via 2-2-1 method) and love it except it eats chips so I have a mailbox mod with amazen pellet smoker on the way
  12. smoke2day

    smoke2day Newbie

    I also have the 30" with window that I bought at Bass Pro Shop on Black Friday . It was listed in the ad for 199.00 but it rang up 179.00 so I think I did good. I can't use it Until I actually open it on Christmas Day. I have ordered the smoke unit from Todd and my wife bought some wood pellets, dust and a thermometer for another Christmas gift. I can't wait till then so I can start learning and using it. This forum has been great. I also ordered Jeff's receipts so I am all set !!!

  13. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I'm going one step further into the Big Time MES AMNPS Smokers Club. I ordered my Maverick ET-732 therm from Todd Johnson as one of my birthday (Dec. 11) presents. Can't wait for it to get here so I can start fooling with it. As for the AMNPS, I never smoke without it. Wood chips are what I throw onto the charcoal when I'm using my Weber 22.5" Silver One-Touch kettle charcoal grill.
  14. zott

    zott Newbie

    Hello everyone, followed this thread for a while as I try and get up to speed with my MES30 and AMPS. Thanks to all the suggestions I managed a 12 hour burn on the AMPS with my first try at bacon. Very pleased with myself although still plan a slight modification to my setup. Keep up the good work, certainly a big help to us newbies.
    Perth. Australia

  15. bigtimtx

    bigtimtx Smoke Blower

    Academy Sports and Outdoors has the MES 30" (SS door w/window - Model 20070411)  on sale for $199.00 w/$15.00 flat shipping !!!
  16. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper


    Don't forget to season your MES before you use it.

    Than enjoy!!
  17. I just seasoned my new MES 30 this morning. I thought i could get it done before the snow hit but I was wrong. By the time it cooled I had to try it out. I made scarbelly wings I found on here. I never thought to inject wings before. My only spin on them was to use Old Bay instead of the creole on the outside everything else was scarbelly. They turned out awesome, even the wife loved them after complaining that I was ruining her wings for football by not deep frying them. I got about 1 1/2 hours of TBS from the overloaded chip tray. I didn't try my AMNPS because of the short 2 hour cook. Very pleased cant wait to do more .I am hooked. Love the forum too!                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  18. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper

    Lookin good!!
  19. ticktock01

    ticktock01 Newbie

    I just got a 30" without the windows. I like it a lot.  My sons bought it for me for my 65th birthday. I've only done a turkey breast on it so far. It came out great! Although my wife said it tasted too smoky. Next time I will cut down a bit on the wood chips.  I plan on doing some turkey legs and a brisket soon.
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  20. Well, we share many things daRicksta, MES, AMNPS, Maverick ET-732 and birthdays, so Happy Birthday to us tomorrow!

    Have only had my smoker for a week or so and chicken thighs have been my only smoke, we were pleased with the way they came out. Have a 8# Pork Butt in fridge for this weekend.

    Ordered my AMNPS from Todd before the MES got here after reading so much about his products, also got the ET-732 before my first smoke.

    Tons of great information on SMF.

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