How Many Mes Owners Here?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. 30'

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  2. 40'

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  3. 40' with window

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  4. 40' 800 watt

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  5. 40' 1200 watt

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  6. I like it a lot

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  7. I wish I had something else and why

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  8. Where did you buy it?

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  9. Sams Club

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  10. Other please list where in a post

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  1. mvincent42

    mvincent42 Meat Mopper

    Awesome pops!
  2. shamong9

    shamong9 Fire Starter

    Sorry to hear about your problem the model 40.  I've had the model 30 since Dec 2009, all I can is that it has worked great. What I don't understand is why some many people are havng problems with their 30 & 40s.  Masterbuilt needs some quality control.

    The unit you built looks like large amounts BBQ. Best of luck.
  3. I got my 30" MES from QVC. The plate on the back of MES reads 1500 watt. I'm planning on cooking a Boston Butt and Pork Tenderloin tomorrow. 

    Question: Do you put the meat in a pan or just place on the racks?

    Thanks for your suggestions.
  4. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I'm not sure about the MES but on the cookshack, I set it middle rack.  No pan. I pull the butt when the internal temp reaches 190; check the pork section and see if there are some MES specific ideas.  I've not done tenderloin so no advice there.  Good luck.
  5. I have had my MES for the past 2 years and I absolutely love it. I have smoked pork loins, pork shoulder butts, spare ribs, baby backs and brisket. They all have turned out with great flavor. I have just finally got the brisket where I want it after a couple trial and errors but oh well it was worth it. This site has helped me greatly in the learning process.
  6. mvincent42

    mvincent42 Meat Mopper

    Definitely straight on the rack.
  7. Smokin POPS, that is sweet.

    Do you have pics of the build and care to share?

    Probably, best to start a new thread. "POPS Frigidaire Smoker"[​IMG]
  8. Maybe I was expecting too much out of a $300 smoker made in China.

    I bought it last Thursday, brought it home, pluged it in and snap went the GFI.

    Went to a non GFI plug, worked til I got it seasoned.

    Went to load some meat and it knocked the chit out of me.

    I ain't used it since. Had oven pulled pork.

    I bought the last one at Sam's. Sent MB an email Friday. We will see what happens.

    It may go back and I'll just get a refund and look elsewhere.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  9. smoker21

    smoker21 Meat Mopper

    SmokinPOPS that looks GREAT!  Shoot you could put the whole pig in there and have room for a few chickens to!!

  10. Thanks JD! I can smoke about 120 pounds of butt. The MES I had worked great while it lasted, I don't think they are built to handle volume, that is why I built my own.

  11. Thanks jarhead .... I will be uploading pictures and build details on the refrigerator build forum.

  12. netbbq

    netbbq Smoke Blower

    Ok so this obviously is a popular thread...I am a MES 30 owner and love it, but there are some shortcomings that are well documented here. So now I have to ask, what's the next best thing that addresses the MES issues in an electric smoker (or not) at a similar price point? I kind of like the ease and control that should be attainable with an electric.
  13. jlefevre

    jlefevre Newbie

    A gift from my brother...  Enjoy it, but it seems the temperature on the controller is off...  I use a seperate thermometer ALL the time...

  14. smokingrk

    smokingrk Smoke Blower

  15. I love my MES 30 since I won it on Dealdash in October for $30.27 total. I love the portability, I've taken it to 5 different friends houses, and never had anything but great results!
  16. Congrats!........You will be in hog heaven or smoke heaven with your new rig..............[​IMG]
  17. dsbratcher

    dsbratcher Newbie

    I really enjoy my MES. I got it for my birthday in Nov. 2012.  I've smoked deer roast, deer backstrap, lambs breast, whole turkey, whole chicken, a 10lb. brisket, salmon and beef ribs. They all came out great and my wife and 10 children love it.  My favorite is the beef ribs doing the 3-2-1 method. My MES came from Gander Mtn. in Bowling Green Ky.
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  18. tazamaraz

    tazamaraz Newbie

    Kept noticing in the newsletter the question about MES owners.  I had no idea what that meant so I ignored it.  Today I was out looking at  (M)asterbuilt (E)lectric (S)mokers when it hit me right between the eyes.  Duh.  I haven't used an MES yet but I have a Brinkman Electric (BES?) that I've used for two years now and I love electric. I'd never go to anything else. Plug it in and go, unplug it and your done.  No fussing with charcoal set up or clean up or running out of propane at inopportune times.  Two reasons I'm shopping for a new one.  I bought this one on the cheap because I didn't know if I'd like smoking so it isn't wide enough. I need it to be a few inches wider AND, the one I have doesn't really get hot enough if the temperature is below 50 degrees outside. I don't know for sure but the element must be 500 watts or so. I didn't know, at the time, that they came in watts.  I thought they came in on and off.  I've found all that in the MES.  My son has a propane Brinkmann he complains about all the time so I'll probably give him my old electric one.  
  19. badaxle1

    badaxle1 Newbie

    how to use the remote for my mes

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