how many hours of smoke on a butt ??

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  1. how many hours of smoke do you guys generally recommend for doing one 7-10 lb. butt?    thanks to all.
  2. I run smoke the entire cook, but I do not foil my butts. If you are going to foil at 160°to 165°, which a lot of people do, stop smoking once you foil. You cannot over smoke a pork butt, IMHO!
  3. ....going to go real slow around 205-210 if I can...probably use apple since that is what I have a lot of right now. Just never had much experience with a butt (unless it had legs).  But I got a MES30 last year and want to try one. Suggestion or links to recipe welcomed.
  4. thanks Toby....that was what i worried about......I hear you can over smoke some stuff
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    Cook time is an estimate only, but figure on 1 1/2 - 2 hours per pound.  Opinions vary about the smoke, but generally fall into 2 camps:

    1.  Smoke the butt until it reaches the stall (internal temp of the meat somewhere in the mid 160*'s), then pull it out and foil wrap it, put it back in the smoker or into the oven until it reaches around 200* IT.  Won't take any more smoke after you foil it, so no need to continue the smoke.

    2.  Put the butt in the smoker and don't mess with it until it reaches IT of 200*.  No foil, and smoke the whole time.

    I do it both ways depending on who I'm cooking for.  The no foil method makes better bark on the butt.  The foil method helps the meat power through the stall a little faster.  Both methods turn out great, my suggestion is try both ways and see which you like best.

    Good luck!  Be sure to let us know how it goes...

  6. no foil.....too much hassle.....I am the proverbial lazy smoker.....that's why the MES      hahaha
  7. seenred

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    Nothin' wrong with that!  The beauty of cooking a butt is they're hard to mess up.  Put that puppy in the smoker and let it do its thing!

  8. thats what i like to hear Red......throw that baby in there and let 'er rip      thanks guys
  9. GREAT thread Toby......dang, you got me mouth droolin with them pictures
  10. Thanks, I am sure your butt will turn out just as good. Don't forget to take pictures, WE LOVE PICTURES!!!!!

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