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  1. bbrock

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    I need some helpful advice from my SMF friends. I have been asked to smoke some Boston butt to make some pulled pork at a ball park for softball games this summer on my off weekends. I have never smoked for that many people like that before. The most has been 40 to 50 people. So am going to ask you all how many should I get for the first go around? And also is 4 bucks to much to charge for a pulled pork sandwich? Thanks for any feed back.
  2. pineywoods

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    Bill any idea how much food they generally sell there? If you smoke it a day or two ahead of time you can always freeze what doesn't sell personally I like it better re heated then after smoking it all day. I don't think 4 bucks is too much for a good sandwich
  3. bbrock

    bbrock Meat Mopper

    Hey Jerry to be honest with you I do not knowhow much food they eat. there is not any venders at all there and they just have one small food both and they dont sell anything much other than some drinks candy and some hot dogs. they have four ball fields and they are packed from mornig to night. So I said why not give it a shot. I guy I work with plays in a leauge on the weekends and said if I would fix some food his team would keep me busy all day long just so they would not have to leave the ball fields that day. So am thinking about pulled pork sammys chips maybe some beans and bottled drinks..Thanks for your input Jerry. And any more that comes my way from anyone else. thanks again
  4. pineywoods

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    I guess some of it would depend on what kind of facilities I had to work with. How are you gonna keep stuff cold and how are ya gonna heat it up? With 9 people on the field per team and a couple in the dugouts and 2 teams to play the game and 4 fields going at the same time that's a bunch of people not even considering people in the stands. If there's no other real food there I like the idea of chips and either slaw or beans so you can offer just a sandwich or a meal. Personally I'd like to sell out but I wouldn't want to sell out to fast. Will people other than your friend's team know that there will be food there the first time you set up? Price wise maybe go 5 bucks for a sandwich and a can of soda and like 7.50 or 8 bucks for a meal
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  5. eman

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    I replied in the other post . But if you are going to sell sides too then either sell them seperatly or charge more than $4.

     Place here that has mediocre q charges $7 for 4 oz sammie add $1 for 1 -3 0z side an canned drink. $10 for sammie rice & gravy and 2 sides.
  6. scarbelly

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    Ok so here goes the catering guy in me. Have you looked into what it is going to cost to set up and sell food. You have to have a food license and depending on where you are selling you may be required to have sneeze guards and lots of other requirements including how you are going to maintain a minimum temp of 140 for all of the hot food.

    Not trying to rain on your parade but I have been the victim of failing to plan ahead and had one of my gigs shut down by the health department. Good luck with the gig 
  7. I think $4 is quite underpriced. I paid 3.99 for a big Mac a few days ago!
  8. pkerchef

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    I agree 4 bucks is definitley underpriced. My plan would also be to run out just not too early as mentioned earlier. In the event you have cooked too much you can freeze it in one pound increments and sell it or use it later. If you have some big coolers you can keep everything cold . The best money i ever made was doing just what you are talking about, i did it for a bunch of rich horse owners at a horse show they we're having. They did not want to fool with the concessions as they had done it themselves the year prior. They didn't charge me anything to set up and didn't want any of the proceeds so it was a sweet deal for everyone involved. Friday afternoon and all day on Saturday we walked out of there with over 1500 bucks profit .........BOOM  I would love to do one of these deals every weekend ! Pkerchef
  9. bbrock

    bbrock Meat Mopper

    Scarbelly thank you for giving some advice. I have been thinking about doing something like this for a while now and the first thing I done was got in contact with my local health department because I know that there is just more to it than just setting up and selling food. I contacted them about 4 or 5 weeks am just making sure I have all of my ducks in a row before I fork out alot of money and it go down the drain. And again thank you it is people like you and a lot more that is a lot of help to the SMF friends.

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