how many butts fit in a MES40

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by flanntastic, May 20, 2013.

  1. how many 8lb butts fit in a MES40? 
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    I imagine you could fit 8 in there, but I would not do that. I never use the bottom rack, because I don't like it being that close to the heat. And any more than two per rack could cut the air circulation down. So I imagine 6 Butts (8 pounds each) is feasible.

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    I remember a post from a while back where someone made 8 in an MES 40 and said they all turned out fine.
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  6. back when i used my MES40 i averaged about 12 hours for a 8lb butt, should I estimate 13 hours for the eight 8lb butts?
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      The time will still be decided by the largest butt. The beginning temp will drop more and take longer to recover from so much cold meat being added. Last time I did 8 butts in a MES 40, the one on the bottom right was more crispy on the outside from being so close to the heating element.

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    i watched the internal temps fairly one got done, i would shuffle the lower temp ones in the "hot spot" areas
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    I agree !


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