how many butts does it take......

Discussion in 'Pork' started by killnsmoke, May 9, 2011.

  1. killnsmoke

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    to feed about 40-50 people.  I guess the better question is how many pounds??  I'm going to smoke them and pull them of course, but wanted to ask for some advice on how much to buy.  Any other tips or recipes would be awesome too!!  I can fit six butts in my smoker easy, so space is not an issue.  thanks guys!!!
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  3. killnsmoke

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    thanks buddy!!
  4. sqwib

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    That depends, are you serving any thing else as a main course, like chicken or Fatties?

    You should be ok with 4, 6-7lb butts for 50 people, but throw on another just in case, it freezes well.

    For PP you are looking at roughly a 60 percent yield , so a 10lb but will yield roughly 6 lbs and figure about 1/3rd pound per person.

    So you are looking at 16.65 pounds cooked pork or 23.3 lbs uncooked
  5. killnsmoke

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    pulled pork is the main course
  6. bmudd14474

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    I would start with 25lbs or so. 3 nine pound butts should do the trick. And you might have a little left over for you.
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      Killnsmoke, I do all our family catering; I have found that for "normal" eaters will usually have 1- 4oz. sammie.Those with larger appetites may have a 6 to 8oz. portion.I make sure I have enough incase a big boy or gal comes in, and to have some for those that really like your Smoke to take home with them

      So, 2-10# Butts will get you about what you need.all the sides should the same way;only people usually only eat one portion of sides(unless it is a family favorite and everyone wants it.

    Have fun and,[​IMG]
  8. killnsmoke

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    thanks guys, i'm pretty pumped this is the first "cater" i'm doing for a big family party with my newly built smoker!!!

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