HOw long will it take?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bettyjoh, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. bettyjoh

    bettyjoh Newbie

    I have a Masterbuilt 30" Electric smoker that I bought this week.  first full load  of 3 spat cocked chickens  each weighing about 5 lbs

    running at 230 degrees  about how long should I smoke/ cook this much bird?  Hopes for an answer before I find I need to up temp to rush it . booklet says  45 min per pound but thats makes it 15 hrs.. sounds a bit much there.
  2. cliffcarter

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    Turn the heat up to the max, 230° is too low a cook temp for chicken. At 275° total cook time should be around 3-4 hours, however YMMV.

    BTW you can treat those all chickens as one five pounder when calculating the time, rather than one 15 pound bird.
  3. bettyjoh

    bettyjoh Newbie

    thank you .  first time I tryed cooking this much at once outside of my home cook stove.   set it as the booklet said 225 to 250   will go up the temp ever one wants to eat today  lol
  4. just to add to cliffcarter's  post  The main reason to smoking a chicken at a higher temp is so the skin can crisp up and not be like rubber. Since you will be smoking to a temp of about 165. As cliff says it won't take long.

    I would recommend Jeff's 5 day cooking-Course if you have not subscribed yet It is on the right side of this page    Jted
  5. bettyjoh

    bettyjoh Newbie

    nods figure If the skin was not crisp enough  it get there when I put them over to the grill for  carmlizing the barbeque sauce that will go on them.

    will look into the smoke lessons.   Want my new toy to be more than a large paperweight  or toe stop.
  6. bettyjoh

    bettyjoh Newbie

    chicken in smoker done faster than I expected .. now I have to keep it warm for 3 hrs.   grilling the plain bird now.

    live and learn. this thing can cook lol

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