how long for two briskets?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mrad, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. mrad

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    Later this evening I will be putting two briskets into the MES 30. Hoping to serve around 4:00pm tomorrow. I plan on seperating point and flat to make burnt ends while I let the flat sit in a cooler packed with towels for 3 hours.

    How long should I anticipate for two 10 lb packers to get to 200 degrees? I know typically 1.5 hours per pound for one slab. Does time decrease for two slabs?
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Same for two, three, four, etc...
  3. X2 just remember, the meat seems to have a mind of its own and will be done when its done. 
  4. mrad

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    I thought that maybe two smaller cuts would take heat more quickly than one large cut. If I am slicing the flat, is 190 hot enough?
  5. why would time decrease with more meat? lol. dont hang urself with the timing thing. alot of ppl on here always ask about time..what time this?what time that? smoking isnt a race, it takes time and patience..hence the planning. i personally put mine in at 250*-260* (sometimes 275*) and leave em for about 4-5hrs before i even go out to put any kinda therm probe in them..after that just watch ur temps and the brisket will tell you when its done. brisket is one of those meats that wont be told when to be finished, it'll let you know. lol. so just sit back and enjoy the ride...the reward is well worth the wait.
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  6. a smaller cut will take on more heat, but a 10lb brisket isnt one of those small cuts, let alone 2 of and i personally find 190 to be fine for slicing, just stick a toothpick in there to see if thats where you want it to be as far as tenderness..
  7. mrad

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    So I should figure roughly 20 hours to hit 190? So if I start it at 6:00 tonight it should hit 190 around 2:00 pm tomorrow?
    I can then seperate point while flat rests, cube and throw back in smoker for a 4:00 meal? Does this sound like a legit timeline ?
  8. what temp are u gunna run the smoker at? if youve got (2) 10lb'ers youre more like in the 10-12hr range i would imagine, but i cant say much about that if i dont know what youll be smoking at. and then dont forget that annoying little thing known as the "stall" where youre brisket just sits there and does nothing, no up or down temps..for however long it decides to sit there, could be 1hr..could be 3hrs..thats where ppl use foil or ovens to finish off to get to temp, you really cant put a time limit on something like a brisket. you kinda just have to get in there and see what happens.
  9. mrad

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    I plan on setting temp at 230 degrees. So with two 10 lbs ers would I muliply 10 lbs by 1.5 hours, would I multiply 20 lbs by 1.5 hours to get a general idea?

    We are at a country music festival and the main acts start at 6:00 pm, do I would like the briskets finished between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. I will be feeding about 20 people and don't want to cause them to be late for concerts.  Pressure!
  10. holy schnikeys youll be there forever at that temp. lol. theyre both the same weight, you dont have to multiply anythng. (1) 10lb brisket is gunna be the same as another 10lb brisket THEORETICALLY, and i say that because you never know how long the stall will be for with each brisket. but yeh at that temp you can definitely turn that into a 20+ hr kick that up to at least 250* at the very least if youre worried about time, hell kick it a notch to 260*. i just did a 11.75# brisket on fathers day, i smoked it at 260* and 270* at my highest point when it got hot outside. i started at exactly 1400hrs. i pulled it off when my prong slid in like butter at 205* IT. and it was 2400hrs. so basically 2:00pm-12midnite. 10hrs smoke time. i let it rest for 1hr in foil in a lasted all of 30 minutes. smoked hard over pecan and sugar maple for 10 hours only to watch it go in 30minutes or less...hahaha. SUCCESS!!!
  11. dirtsailor2003

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    I have been smoking my briskets with the smoker temp at 265* and they turn out great. With that said I still figure 1.5 hours per pound for my finish times. Sometimes they go longer, sometimes they go shorter.
  12. bruno994

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    mrad, I think you have received some great advice as far as time, temp and when to pull a brisket.  All briskets are edible after 185 or so, but I have never pulled a brisket from a cooker before they hit 205 IT.  I don't know if it's my proximity to sea level (500 feet above), my RF pit, my state (Texas, I sure wish we would go ahead and secede!), what the heck happens, but I have never found any of my briskest to be toothpick tender at anything below 200. 

    As far as temps, I smoke all of them at 250 and above, the old standard of 225, nothing wrong with it, but there is also nothing wrong with 250.  As others have stated, anticipate 1.5 hours per pound (not total, but individually), but they may finish quicker, may take longer.  Most of all, enjoy the smoke and have fun and for heavens sake, be patient, briskets need lots of patience.

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