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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by kryinggame, Dec 15, 2014.

  1. kryinggame

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    I won a turkey breast at my local supermarket so decided to put it in Flo's belly for smoking.  Here's how I smoke a turkey breast, step-by-step:

    I don't go crazy with season/rubs.  I don't want to over take the natural flavor of the meat; therefore, my simple seasoning is: Kosher Salt; Garlic Powder & Onion Powder (and a glass of Merlot for me).  Most turkey's are pre-brined so I don't brine a pre-prined bird.  Just clean it up and lightly season it.

    Now to get ol' Flo prepared.  I had a lot of good charcoal left in her from my last smoke so I re-used it.  I added in 4 small pieces of Apple wood.

    Got my chimney near filled with new charcoal.  I learned a trick for the chimney.  I heat it on my gas grill.  In no time, I got the chimney nice and hot.

    Then dump the hot coals into Flo and let the magic begin.

    After the coals get to the ideal temp, I put the turkey breast into Flo's big ol' fat belly.  Then insert my ET-732.  For me, the ideal IT is 170*.  

    Low & Slow doesn't work for poultry. The ideal cooking temperature for poultry is about 325*

    After a couple of hours, here's what the breast looks like:

    And here's the money shot.  When I carved it, the juices flowed out heavily.  

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking breast, nice smoke!
  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Nice , [​IMG]
  4. bigtrain74

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    Looks great! Nice work!
  5. disco

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    Great looking meal. Thanks for the idea re the chimney.


  6. b-one

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    Looks great!!
  7. sigmo

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    That looks excellent!  Juicy and delicious.

    I love starting the charcoal chimney over a gas burner.  Even if the coal is wet, you can dry it out and get it lit that way.

    I usually use the burner on my turkey cooker to ignite the charcoal chimney.  I like it a lot better than crumpled up newspaper.  It's fast and efficient!
  8. kryinggame

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    Newspaper can actually hurt your fire.  If you use to many pieces it'll block air from getting in and getting the fire started. Then you'll see the paper shredding up into the air.

    Chimney over a burner is the way to go.  At medium high, I can get a good burn out of a full chimney in 10 minutes or so.  

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