How I make homemade smoked sausages

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  1. Ive been interested in making smoked sausages for awhile... but not ready to put out the $$$$$ for all the equipment and casings.  So I make my sausage mix (mainly with ground turkey or ground chicken base) and wrap it in dry corn husks that have been cleaned and soaked in water

     These are chicken garlic artichoke with mozzarella and parm. cheese sausages... thought y'all might enjoy seeing a diffrent way to smoke sausages!!!!
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    I been wanting to try that. I saw it on an old episode of DDD about BBQ joints. The owner did a Jalapeno Sausage in Corn Husks...JJ
  3. Very cool...gonna try this one for sure.
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    Very nice! How about a sliced pic??
  5. nepas

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    Looks good.

    Done the corn husk years ago.

    Try some cloth sausage bags
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    I tried the corn husk after I saw it on DDD and it was good, cheap and easy but personally I missed the snap of the casing.
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    NICE !!
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    I'd love to hear about your ingredients and how the final results turned out. I've been thinking about making some chicken or turkey sausage for my 83 yr old grandma who doesn't eat pork.
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    The husks are a great way to make sausage without a stuffer. We teach this method to our 4H kids so they can make sausage at home 
  10. This looks interesting, but is the flavor there?  We eat a lot of corn and this would be a use for them!!!  Thanks, Steve
  11. Great idea! I think I'd miss the casings, but not bad for a cheap alternative or in a pinch.
  12. I can not remember the exact recipe.. kinda just started throwing stuff in but it was something like this

    2 lbs of ground chicken

    1 jar of artichoke hearts drained, rinsed and chopped (I prefer the ones in the jar and not the can kind)

    4 cloves of garlic chopped fine (I love garlic)

    1 roasted red pepper chopped fine

    1 tbsp. garlic powder

    1 tspoon dried basil (could use fresh sweet basil chopped)

    1 tspoon of ur favorite italian seasoning

    dash of nutmeg (can leave this out.. i like the taste of nutmeg with italian style food)

    1/2 of an egg

    1/3 cup italian bread crumbs

    1 tspoon Better than Bouillon

    1 cup shredded mozzarella

    1/2 cup fine shredded parm cheese

    Sea/kosher salt to taste

    fresh ground pepper to taste

    bag of dried corn husks

    I mixed everything together going easy on the salt at first...

    fired up a skillet and fried a spoonfull to give it a taste, then repeated again after adding more salt ...

    When it tasted like i liked, started stuffing my cleaned and soaked corn husks, tying of the ends with unusable corn husk strips

    smoked them with applewood for a few hours around 225-250

    This can be used to make chicken burgers as well... add more egg and bread crumbs for meatballs, for some kick butt subs
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  13. I will make sure to get a slice pic next time i make some [​IMG]
  14. chef jimmyj

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    Sounds like a pretty good Recipe for a Twist on Italian Sausage...But that is a HUGE amount of Dry Basil and Italian Seasoning (more Dry Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme and maybe Rosemary) for 2 lb of Meat. It is a personal preference, of course, but may I respectfully suggest, " 1 teaspoon " of each...There are similar herbs in the Marinated Artichokes and Italian Bread Crumbs as well...JJ
  15. Maybe so... like I said this was a rough guess to what I made... the Italian seasoning I use don't have a lot of Basil in it.. so that could be changed for those that use ones that do

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