How hot can a Smoke Vault 24 get?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by petermjj, May 11, 2015.

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    Hi all - new to smoking, new to the Smoke Vault.  Used it twice with some success.  Chicken was tasty but needed a crispier skin, brisket was tasty but I wanted it more tender.  I'll keep trying!

    My question is this - With no water in the pan, I can't get the thing above 290.  With water, I can't get past 230.  Is this normal?  I know - I won't be smoking anything at these temps but it would be nice to be able to get a higher pre-heat on the thing, or to do have a bit more fire to fight against win and cold.  Door thermostat has been verified.

    I am using natural gas, with the camp chef natural gas conversion kit.  Thanks much!

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  2. Something's not right ..... some may tell you it's the natural gas, but there is not that much difference from LP and you are jetted for NG.  I run LP but clean my smoke vault without the water pan to crisp everything up nicely so it can be scraped off the grates.  I don't measure the temp when I'm cleaning but can easily peg the 400 degree door thermometer.  Have you checked your burner to make sure you have a nice blue flame, not yellow?  A little yellow on the tips is fine, but the flame should be almost pure blue.  Another dumb question but I need to ask, you are running all the dampers wide open, correct?
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    You should be able to get it to 350° and beyond with no problem.  You may want to try switching back to propane just to see.
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    Generally, smoking foods is done between 70 and 160.... above that and you are BBQ ing.....
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    Jeez.  Talk about a newbie.  I recall someone saying something, on an email thread I saw somewhere, about "drilling the valve out" for Natural gas.  i didn't see anything on the kit instructions so didn't drill anything.  But then frog1369 says
    So of course I now know the issue.  Seem I need to disassemble parts of my new smoker and go buy a drill bit.
  6. That would probably do it!  [​IMG]

    Honestly I assumed they would have sent a new orifice with the kit.  Enjoy that Smoke Vault, we've made some amazing food on ours.  A suggestion for you, use chunks, not chips and just use one chunk at a time.  It is so easy to get way too much smoke with that unit.
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    >Honestly I assumed they would have sent a new orifice with the kit

    I would have thought so too. The only thing I could find on their site was this page, with instructions for drilling:

    I converted my GOSM to NG and tried it first without drilling the orifice, but didn't get enough BTU's. You really need to enlarge it.

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