How far north is still "So Cal"?

Discussion in 'So Cal Smokers' started by kranders, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. How about Santa Maria in the far northern reaches of Santa Barbara County. I'm still considered local at Disneyland![​IMG]  Am I good for the So Cal group? I'm brand new to smoking and looking forward to learning from all of you!
  2. I'd say you're definatly central. I moved from corona to bakersfield witch I'm pretty sure is central. I did that last August. I don't think anyone in the group will mind though. Happy smoking.
  3. I would say anything above the Grapevine is central. But we dont discriminate here, all are welcome :) Glad you joined us kranders, lots of good learnin' available on SMF!!!
  4. Glad to be here and thanks for accepting a Central Coaster!! Up here they claim it ain't real BBQ unless it is "Santa Maria style"...Tri-tip over red oak coals on a iron grill. I'll join any group to learn as much as I can. And if there are ever any events in So Cal it's not that far of a drive!!
  5. Keep an eye on the KCBS events website for a competition near you.
  6. Welcome to the group.  On a side note any idea who the guy is from Santa Marie, that forged the "Santa Maria Style" cooker that everyone references?  Is it a famous local welder BBQ enthusiast or just some odd nameing convention? 
  7. LGHT, it gets its name because it started in the Santa Maria valley some time around mid 1900s. So it's more of a regional thing. As far as the guy who made the first pit I couldn't tell you. It's basic main stay is tri tip.
  8. Like the others said, it's been around for decades so who knows who came up with the first Santa Maria grill. There are a couple of local outfits that make up the grills. They are large with a metal grate that raises and lowers with a crank to control the cooking temp. They also make a smaller "tail gaiter" version

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