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  1. braith

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    I've got some Pecan. It is green. Can I get small quantities of shavings off across the grain with my electric planer and dry it? How dry should it be? I don't want to dry the timber for 2 years before I use it.

                                       Thanks for any help

  2. daveomak

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    They need to be dry... put them in a dehydrator for several days...  or in your electric smoker at 225 for several hours until dry.....  note, shavings have tendency to burst into flame which doesn't make smoke...   sawdust is better for making smoke... it smolders much better....
  3. braith

    braith Newbie

    Thanks Dave,

                        It looks like I've got a good little resource here. I'll dry them in my electric oven at 225 fahrenheit and then go for it. Sawdust is probably easier for me to get than big fluffy carpenters shavings. I'll store the rest of the logs in a dry spot with the skins on until I need the dust.

                                Thanks for the advice Dave,

                                Paul Braithwaite

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