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    Hi All;

    New-Bee, and I am m just trying to understand how a Charcoal Smoker works.

    In an attempt to get the temp. up on an ECB I have sealed the barrel and added a charcoal basket, in short I have basically converted it into a mini UDS. I have 4 intakes for air 1 in. from bottom and 4 vents on on top, all 3/4 in pipe. 

    The problem is that the Smoker seems to do whatever it wants to do, no matter how many vents or intakes are open or closed. In my first smoke I used two chimney's of charcoal brickets with Cherry wood for smoke and had water in pan, the temp. went to 260, after 30 minutes it dropped to 225 and stayed there no matter what changes I made in ether vents or intakes. After about 2 hours the temp dropped to 200 and wouldn't go up, even though I still had plenty of charcoal. I finished the turkey breast in the oven. 

    Any help will be much appreciated.
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