How do you sharpen a serrated slicing knife?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigfoote, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. I recently watched a video with Aaron Franklin (BBQ with Franklin) and he uses a 12" serrated slicing knife.  Although I like my 12" slicing straight edge knife, I'm thinking of getting a serrated on to try, since they are not expensive.  The question I have is how do you sharpen a serrated slicing knife.  I have an old Chef's Choice 120, and it does a fine job on my 12" slicing knife, but it says to only use the last stage (honing) on serrated knifes.  This is just like using a steel, which is not the same as sharpening a dull knife.  I'm hoping someone out there has an answer.  Thanks.
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    Each indention has to be sharpened individually, pulling in one direction with a steel.  I have a diamond coated steel I use on each indention then I strop it in my Chef's Choice Edge Select 120, probably the same old sharpener you have.  Repeat for both sides.  Works great but takes time.   
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    I use a ceramic round stone, that is about the correct diameter for the grooves.... it should sharpen the points also..... If you have a dremel tool with chain saw stones, you could try that.... go SLOWLY and lightly... if the serrated knife is dull and useless, you won't be losing anything....
  4. Thanks for both your replys.  It sounds like a lot more work than just using my 120.  But with an inexpensive knife, I think I'll try it.  Again, thanks.
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    Yes it is which is why I stick with smooth blade knifes and keep them super sharp. 
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