how do I make my bread come out soft in a bread machine?

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  1. I have a Qster 2 lb bread machine which makes good bread. However it doesn't come out really soft as I want it. I want to know how to make bread in a bread machine come out really soft like you would buy from the store? Can you make really soft bread in bread machine?

    Also I am looking for a really good banana bread recipe for the bread machine as well. I was also wondering if you could put some Banana Liquor in it as well, wonder if it was possible to put in a banana bread and if it would come out good?
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    What I do to keep my bread soft is, as soon as I pull it out of the pan, I rub butter on all outer surfaces of the loaf, then wrap it on a towel to let it cool.  The butter on the outer crusts will keep them softer.  However, you will still not get completely soft crust like in the store.
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    Amish white bread. If your machine screws this up, you need a new machine.

    6 cups bread flour

    2 cups water

    2/3 cup sugar

    1/4 cup oil.

    4TB vital wheat gluten

    2TB yeast

    1tsp salt
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    I have never used a machine........ But I always egg wash my bread/buns makes them soft, brown. Get in airtight container as soon as the bread cools.

    I think the pros use A dough enhancer, increases shelf life, makes a fluffier bread by increasing the strength with a better texture. Most bakers supply shops sell it with that stuff for whole wheat bread. I am pretty much just old school.

    Hmmmm.......... bread machine, ya know folks use those to knead with, imagine that.
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