How do I get tender Beef Ribs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by rob sicc, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Hi All,

    First off, I want to say how great this site is.  What I like most about this site are 2 things. Everyone is so humble.  Some folks that I've heard from have been doing this 30-40 years.  Then when they reply you can tell it's all about trying to help another person with the same hobby.

    The second thing I like about this site is that everyone has patience for newbies.  Something I really appreciate.  lol

    So a big thanks to everyone that has helped, replied with advice, or just said hi!

    My question has to do with Beef ribs.  I had them recently at a BBQ joint which just opened in my area.  My area is not known for a lot of smoking BBQ's.  I live in northern New Jersey.

    So I went to the smoke house and ordered 4 or 5 different things to give the place a taste test.  The saw beef ribs and had to try them.  I love using short ribs when I make a Sunday Tomato sauce.  They add so much flavor and break down perfectly every time, but I digress.

    I was hoping for this tender, fall off the bone, juicy, fatty, meaty, smokey flavored offering.  This was a few months ago.  I would probably still be chewing it if I didn't get give up,  BTW, I plan to give the joint a second chance.

    Now that I have the Smoking Bug I want to try to smoke them myself.

    Can anyone please let me know if the fall off the bone texture is possible with smoking?  Also, does anyone have any tips for smoking beef ribs that they can share?  I read a bunch of threads here that I found in the search engine but I thought I would ask again.

    I look forward to reading you replies.


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    Let me start with........

    I just did beef ribs last weekend, I was actually planing to cook 'em for the neighbors dog. They were the wosrt looking thing in the package I ever saw. They were in the reduced please take me shelf. A 200+ lb rottwieller next door is my buddy and I like to keep him that way!

    I wasn't doing anything, no pictures, nothing special, I was just cooking 'em off. They had 2 hours in the smoker, then foiled and threw 'em in a 325 oven for a little  over two hours. I had other stuff going in the smoker and the oven was already on. I opened the foil and those ugly meatless bony ribs had plumped up and were covered with juicy almost falling off the bone meat! It was magic!!

    I salted and peppered 'em, and stuck 'em back in unfoiled to firm up a bit, maybe 30 mins. I believe those were with out a doubt the best beef ribs I ever ate. I sent the picked clean and polished bones to the neighbor's dog. LOL

    Don't worry, don't put alot of thought into it. Get a little smoke on it and steam those babies in foil. BTW I think I threw in some old broth I had in the reefer when foiling, and I slapped some warm homemade BBQ sauce in a bowl to enjoy with the dogs bones..>>LOL

    I am sure Bear has a great Q-View to help you. His smoking is way above the curve. I guess I am saying to not over think it, you want tender foil it. You want tender 325 is a low temp for my oven.

    Enjoy the smoke and Bon Chance!
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