How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. cocopebbles

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    Coco pebbles are the names of my dogs
  2. msb742

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    Mine comes from my initials(msb) and my badge number(742)from the Police Department I retired from in Middletown NY
  3. I used to work on drilling rigs- my position on the rig at the time was "Derrickhand" the guy that works up in the derrick of the rig- my rig number was "300" I have had this name for over 10 years on the internet. Like most folks new to the internet when I would create a "sign in" somewhere i would always forget the name I used- then i decided surely i could remember my job title and rig I just use it everywhere
  4. toddpipkin

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    My parents gave it to me 55 years ago!

    Hey, y'all! Glad to be here!
  5. Because that's all it takes to get a great meal started!!
  6. I like looking at stars with a telescope 
  7. bigwheel

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    Wished they had a "like" button here. Some of those nicks are too cool. I also go by Gomer Pyle..mostly on FB. Now its gettng to where everybody calls me that. Its a long story...but when I signed up over there I was scared they was going to steal my identity or this lady at work always said I was I tried to sign up as Goober Pyle but that name was taken. I say heck might as well see what happens with sure enough it took it. This stuff is too strange to make Gomer is also a Bible name..but she was a hooker. lol
  8. It was pretty easy to come up with my screen name.  My name is Ed and I am a disabled veteran.  I know, I know, it took a lot of effort and time to come up with that name...  lol 

    My wife said I should have been BBQBrat since she thinks I am a brat all the time.  lol  I sure am glad that she does not cook and is not on the site...
  9. Easy one here, My first name is Joe and I love golf and I was married 38 years ago on April "24", 1976, Thus "JoeGolf24". 
  10. By trade I'm a Medical Nuclear Physicist but always want to cook,  so   Chef -fizzix seemed to cover it.   My boss hates it !!
  11. Mine is just a college football thing.  Nebraska's football program has a tradition un-intentionally started by Coach Bob DeVaney in the '70s where the starting defense and ONLY the starters wear black practice jerseys, it's a really big deal around here.  Anyway in the '80s we had some of the best defenses around, fans here just referred to them as the 'black shirts', the media picked up on it and at some point a black flag with the Jolly Rodger (the skull and crossed bones) became the un-official symbol.  I was just glad it wasn't taken when I joined the other day.
  12. Its really simple I raced cars at local race tracks and my last name is Surprise and my car number was 20.
  13. The J is what my first name starts with. Burly is a nickname that my father was given by his frat brothers. It comes from our last name. Some years ago my dad gave me mug from the frat and his graduation year 1950. The front was the name of school and frat code of arms. On the back was Burly. So it is to honor my father.  He is still alive and doing great at 88.  Also a WWII vet.
  14. Ed thank you for your service and your sacrifice.
  15. Well back in the late 50s my dad would hunt and fish and smoke his meat of everything he shoot or hook.. well he had in his old metal tackle box a bass lure called a wetwiggle some how that impress me at 6 yrs old and stuck with me ever since then .never useing it until much much later when the computer went from old floopy disk to the cd disk and the internet was more easier to scan threw did i use the name MRWETWIGGLE as my internet name on all and any sites
  16. 850 was the size of my atv,dilligaf was an acronym for Do I Look Like I Give A F#$! now it stands for Do I Look Like I Give Away Food?
  17. Having had some experience in being accused of certain indiscretions, with no proof other than my being in the wrong place at the wrong time, (on several occasions), I was once referred to as one of "the usual suspects"  If something was afoot, I was not far from mind.

    Then they came out with a movie of the same name, (and I was no where near the place and never heard of em).  One of my friends called me Kaiser and it took a long time to figure out what he meant. I saw the movie, and remembered the reference and there it is.

    (BTW it was never anything really bad, just a basic Pain in the ... !)
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    I live on the 'Jersey Shore' by the ocean. Will start smokin' soon. Fun thread
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    I was tuna fisherman and at that time I wanted a screen/ log-on name that I could use without worrying if someone else had already taken that name. 

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