How did you come up with your screen name?

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    Been doing spare ribs, chicken and pork loins, they have been coming out well. Hey Jeff, wanna check out that rub and sauce.
  2. Mine is pretty self explanatory. I love my beer and back when I was in college Jackass was a popular TV show. I reminded my buddies of Raab Himself on that show and I've been called "beer itself" ever since.
  3. Mine might be pretty obvious..I'm the mom to a US Army Soldier, and when she was in boot camp, we ended up adopting a couple more kids...And at AIT for Air Traffic Control training, we gathered another one. I'm the President of a southern California region for Blue Star Mothers of America- and we support our troops, vets and their families. Along this journey, I've gathered a few more kids in the military.
    I have 6 children of my own.

    I joined here because we are all foodies, and the grill is where I'm most comfortable.

    It works out well...I like to cook- they like to eat.
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  4. I have 3 sons, the youngest is a lefty, the oldest with dark hair is a lawyer, the middle guy is a real heavy set guy, the other two skinny.

         I do cowboy action shooting and my moniker there is Ben Cartwright (due to the above reason) so I added the SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) to my name.

        Seemed logical
  5. bearcarver

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    Now you need a cook, or a pet to name Hop Sing!!!

    And a Nephew named "Will".

  6. My youngest son Sean also shoots cowboy action, his handle is Joe Cartwright, it is amazing that bot the names were available as each name has to be unique world wide,
  7. No, I'm not really an Eskimo but as cold as this winter has been I'm starting to wonder....

    My name orignated from my dog Buddy who left us May 2013 after 16 1/2 years, and boy do I miss him. Always nearby. For the past few years I've also had Mr Boo who my mom rescued, he is around 15 and overall doing well.

    That's Buddy toward the front and Boo next to him.

    Now that's a bowl of food.....

  8. bearcarver

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    I agree---I would think all of the Cartwrights would be some of the first ones taken, but then I'm an Old Western Buff from way back!!!

  9. someone had Ben but they didn't pay their dues and after 6 months with no pay they lost it.
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    If I left the food out like this, Linda's Addie would be 80 lbs, but my Roxy would be at least 120 lbs.  LOL

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    Hey Bear

    I'm an old Bonaza fan, grew up watching it, but for the life of me I can't place a nephew named Will

  12. I remember the kid named Jamie (redhead) that is when they tried to get a younger audience.

    Will Cartwright was played by Guy Williams (Zoro)
  13. bearcarver

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    Yup "Guy Williams". Also played Zoro, like Ben said.

    Only played a few episodes, and the last one had him beat Adam out for his Fiancee, and leave to start his own life. 

    Will Cartwright
    Biographical information
    Full NameWilliam Cartwright
    Hair colorBlack
    Eye colorBlue
    FamilyBen Cartwright  (uncle)
    Adam Cartwright  (cousin)
    Hoss Cartwright  (cousin)
    Little Joe Cartwright  (cousin)
    SpouseLaura Dayton
    RomancesLaura Dayton
    ChildrenPeggy Dayton  (step-daughter)
    First EpisodeReturn to Honor
    Last EpisodeTriangle
    Portrayed byGuy Williams

    Sorry for the Hijack,

  14. Not very creative, I suppose, but I got my screen name during my college days . . . long before my days spent behind my beloved smoker.

    The first part of my screen name - texasaggie - represents my Alma Mater: Texas A&M University. The second half - nuke - is short for my major: Nuclear Engineering. Hence, texasaggienuke.

    I wish I could be more clever and design a name that encompasses my love of all things smoked, but, alas, it's not meant to be! 😄
  15. que sera sera[​IMG]
  16. I actually reappropriated (but fully spelled out) from someone else's username from a bygone era of AOL chat rooms.  So not really creative, but i've been using it for awhile.
  17. I used to run a retail seafood business in East Central Florida. That was actually the name of my corporation, The Shrimp Pimp Inc. Years ago now...
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    Wow very cool name indeed.  [​IMG]
  19. Mine is from our Comp BBQ Team - derived from one of our favorite movies - Oh Brother Where Art Thou and the Soggy Bottom Boys
  20. crazyq

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    Cook team name. Im a team of two - me and wife haha.


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