How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. Years ago when I was a charter boat captain in the Caribbean, I wore eyeglasses. The sweat would pour off my brow and flood the inside of my glasses so I couldn't see. I took to wearing a bandana as a preventative measure. Hence, my friends started calling me Captain Bandana. 'Nuff said!
  2. I have been an amateur Magician for years.  Years ago when this net thing came about I did not want to disclose too much information about myself, hence the name Onemagicman. 
  3. cliffcarter

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    My mother gave it to me[​IMG]
  4. I believe that is an oilfield excavating service, I see their trucks in Minot a lot MossyMO.

    My Screen name is pretty obvious!

    I am no longer in the phone book, no more land line.

    I am one of the Poor Wahl's  [​IMG] (Not related to the hair clipper clan [​IMG])
  5. osprey2

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    Osprey2 is the name of my boat moored in Swansea United Kingdom, so I tend to use that on most forums

  6. gilavette

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    Pretty simple for me, I live in the beautiful Gila River valley in southeastern AZ and drive a Vette.
  7. jlcnuke

    jlcnuke Fire Starter

    Initials and my former occupation (Navy Nuclear)

    sent from here using science.
  8. harleydiva

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    Mine is pretty simple.... 65 year old woman who rides a HarleyDiva

  9. magslam

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    Mine is reminiscent of days long gone, in another time and, well, Marine Air Group, Seek, Locate, Anihilate, Monitor. I know is not BBQish, but is part of me, and I am proud of it. Some buddies did not made this far in time, I honor them and remember them every day. There goes how I did come up with my screen name.
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  10. papada

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             I'm lucky enough to have 10 Grandchildren they live in different states some call me Papa the others Da which was the name my Granddaughter called me when she was learning to talk. We figured she pick that up from my Daughters calling me dad so I just put them together. I've been using it for years now  my Granddaughter is now 16.   
  11. ribeator

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    I like ribs....


    Love ribs!
  12. Simple: I'm a Swede I'm 6'.4" and 300 pound a Real Big Swede.

    and I living in USA so all was calling me "the big guy", "the swede" and so on and one day I hade it I have become the "RealBigSwede" I have used it for almost 30 years now online. in 1992 was the first time on line and I was then "BigSwede" but the other start using it so I change it to "RealBigSwede" and never seen another that have use it.
  13. When I first joined this forum I was known as aligator with one L. Now the story, There is a saying " when your up to your butt in alligators its hard to remember that the mission was to drain the swamp", hence alligators were a bad thing.,  When be and my wife would take the Motor Home out for vacation and pull into a nice slot I would say "no Alligators here", hence a good thing.  When I got my first PC I had a young lady help me set it up. In the process she said you need a screen name (what the heck is that ? ) I said Alligator, she typed it in...Aligator(one L). so I stuck with that. Now I was away from the forum for a while and when I got back I could not log in, got my PW from Jeff but it did not work, so I open a new account.  Screen name graywolf1936(my DOB).  I always like wolfs and at 77 1/2 I am gray.  If my avatar shows, its a photo of some Italian sausage I made.
  14. I'm a Tn. Vol fan and my name is Jim
  15. backtothebush

    backtothebush Fire Starter

    I happened across this site after getting back into hunting after 20 or so years. I spent this past fall hiking and sitting with my bow. I joined a local hunting forum about a month before this one. When I was trying to come up with a screen name I asked myself why I what was my motivation for hunting/fishing/camping. I came up with the fact that I was simply happy to get back to the bush. And there it is. I used the same screen name here just to keep things simpler.
  16. pyzon34

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    I am Italian so Pyzon was easy and i was 34yrs old when i started it
  17. Great thread everyone.   There are a lot of entertaining names and stories.  My nickname is a hybrid pun between what I like to do at work and what I'd rather be doing (fishing).

    I came up with my screen name when I joined another forum while researching a kayak. At the time I was working on the Local Area Network at the office during the day and lurking on a kayak fishing site by night.  All the mods people were doing to their kayaks blew my mind and I decided I had to sign up AND buy a kayak.  I was planning to visit a few piers that I've fished but this time with my kayak (ie travel from pier to pier) and  it hit me that "peer to peer" is also a type of networking and I so I made it my name.

    I gave a buddy of mine a pike my son caught.  He smoked it and that REALLY blew my mind. Last year I decided to buy a smoker and the up front research brought me to SMF.   I don't get to use the kayak as much as I'd like, but the smoker is getting a lot more popular around the house.  Plus, hanging out with the family all day smoking dinner gets a lot more points with the wife and kids.
  18. Mine is simply a combination of my home country of Canada and my wife's home country Britain and the number is the wife and me plus 2 kids
  19. cybball

    cybball Fire Starter

    Mine stands for Cyclone Baseball. I played for Iowa State from 89-93.
  20. My screen name is a combination of my home state (Texas) and the fact that on my days off I am constantly clearing land. I live in central Texas, which has a diverse forest. In my area we have several forms of oak trees, Eastern Cedar, Hickory, Pine with a dense underbrush of Yaupon. I have been selectively clearing my land for several years so my family started calling me a lumberjack, hence the term "axe". So you end up with Texaxe.

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