How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. I'm a retired heavy equipment operator, and pretty handy with large Cat dozers. I use it as a handle on many sites, and even use the serial number from a favorite machine as a password in a couple of sites.
  2. From an episode on "Frazier". Martin, the dad, put antelope ears on his Jack Russell Terrier for the family Christmas photo and called him a Jackalope. So mine's a jackrabbit but the idea's the same.
  3. banana luck

    banana luck Newbie

    It's the name of my boat. I go tuna and salmon fishing off of the Pacific Northwest and smoke both fish. Learning to use my new to me SS Smokey Mountian Propane smoker, The water pan is interesting never used one before hoping to get tips from this group.

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  4. dropkick

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    Many years ago I was in a movie theater and there was a woman with a squalling child seated a few rows behind me. One of the other movie patrons asked her to do something about her child's continuing efforts to override the soundtrack. She snidely replied "What do you suggest I do with him?" I leaned back and loudly said "Dropkick him." The people in the theater broke out in laughter.

    --As I read this it doesn't sound as funny as it was at the time, must of been one of those "had to be there" occurrences.

    Anyway about 30 years ago I was trying to come up with a screen name and kept getting shot down. Getting many "name already taken" messages. While dredging my mind for a name I remembered the above occurrence. It was accepted.

    Even though I've come up with much cleverer nom de plumes in the years since, I still use this name when it's available, as I'm now comfortable with it.
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  5. noboundaries

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    It may not be politically correct, but that story had me laughing out loud!
  6. My 2 prized possessions (aside from my family) are my wine barrel smoker and my 1981 Camaro Z28 hence "smokinZ28"
  7. Hey smokinZ28; your wine barrel smoker is FANTASTIC!

    Will you please come start a thread with that photo in our "wine group" (in the groups section) and join the group, and fun, if you have done such already!

    Tell us about it, if you made it, and how, and/or where we can buy one! AMAZING!!! Thank you tons!!!

    Terrific stuff! Cheers! - Leah
  8. rugerlab

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    Named after my best hunting buddy,,,,  RIP Ruger
  9. Mine came from a character in a western book or I should say a series of western books from WIlliam Johnstone called the Mountain Man Series. Great books BTW and have been using this name ever since. Kinda fitting on a Smoking meat forum though.:biggrin:
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  10. I've been oldeboone since I'm 16. All my life one of my greatest pleasures has been to " Take my gun for a walk on the mountain " Most often the gun was my 16 guage double. When I would arrive at my buddy's house his dad would say " Here comes old Booney with his two piper. I just kind of stuck . I added the e in between when I started doing E-mail.
  11. Well my nicname is Boob for over 20yrs but didn't want to make anyone mad so I went to my families initials .. Lol no exciting names like everyone else's ..
  12. tricky

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    A co-worker gave me my name... He was a little upset with me because I caught him using slick practice to get some extra work and called him on it (it was me he was screwing)... The next time we crossed paths, he greeted me with "Ohhhhh... it's Tricky Ricky".  It got around pretty fast and has stuck with me for 20 years...
  13. krzdimond

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    My screen name does not take a lot of imagination. I think it is obvious that I am a huge Pink Floyd fan.

    Krzdimond.... as in "shine on you...."

    As with many others, the spelling was chosen because in the early days (1992/3) of text based Bulletin Boards (BBS), screen names had to be under 10 letters and could not contain spaces.
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  14. bookman

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    One of my hobbies is Book Collecting and a few years ago my wife and I decided to start an online business selling books through Amazon, hence bookman. didn't last long but the name stuck. The new addition to my short list of hobbies(Book Collecting is still there) is Smokin and Grillin.

  15. lemans

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    Lemans. My first car.. Lol
  16. Mine would have been '49 Chevy!!! Ernie
  17. well mine is pertty easy to figure out. Several of my friends say I'm crazy about fishin.
    I'm always playing with crazy adatives, preservatives and strange things in my bait cures. Sometimes they work. I now make all my own bait cures from scratch. Kinda obbsesive about it. :yahoo:

  18. Hey "fishcrazy," great name! (I'm crazy about EATING bait, mollusks, seafood, and every single fish)!

    Perhaps I should have chosen a different name? Smiles.

    In any event, I noticed your moniker here and simply had to extend a great "hello!"

    It sounds like you have a quite masterful hobby!!!

    Delicious stuff!

    Cheers! - Leah
  19. janlab

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    No imagination here, just an easy way to get to six letters; my name is "Jan" (Dutch or Afrikaans soft "j", a male name), and my surname starts with "Lab". Hence Janlab...
  20. scredx3

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    I'm really into golfing. I have a Scotty Cameron putter. The model is a Red X 3. Throw it all together and you get SCREDX3. Kind of silly, but it's something I can remember.

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