How did you come up with your screen name?

Discussion in 'Messages for All Guests and Members' started by deer meat, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I homebrew my own beer, and am an engineer, so I like acronyms (and play on numbers and letters).... 

    So beer10t was born.  TADA!!!

    Great thread!!

  2. jefftck

    jefftck Newbie

    this one is easy jefftck

    My name is Jeff and tck is a variation of my last name
  3. topsideup

    topsideup Newbie

    This is my first post after my introduction. My name is Topsideup and I have been an avid kayaker for years, hence the name. You always want to keep the topside of the kayak up: therefore topsideup.Thumbs Up
  4. Mine is easy, I am 6' 7" weigh 290 and own a 2008 Harley Fatboy.
  5. aland

    aland Fire Starter

    Fatboy08- Cool! Bought my 2nd 7/13- 05 HD FXST Softail.
  6. I owned a retail computer store called Computer GURU and I also owned an ISP called Brawleyonline.  My email address used to be [email protected].  So I am guru at bol...

    Simple see!

  7. Hi all. Been awhile but I thought I'd duck in n visit.
    I am a very protective mama and my last name is Coffey, so my screen name comes naturally. ;-)
  8. oldsmokie9

    oldsmokie9 Newbie

    Hi all brand new member, I am a retired Fire Fighter  after being smoked for 27 years decided to start smoking some meat other than myself  see ya'll around the forums.  Oldsmokie9 
  9. kiwi chick

    kiwi chick Newbie

    haha nice one deer meet. and whoa tulsajeff,,, me? im a kiwi and a chick lol too easy
  10. manzwood

    manzwood Fire Starter

    Welcome Sir from one Newbie to another!

    I the short I have been on this site I have learned a bunch with the help of other're in good company!

    Let the smoking begin!
  11. I was born with it [​IMG]
  12. welder5yrs

    welder5yrs Newbie

  13. I chose to use my actual name.

    BUT, on this site that is a rarity, right?

    However, I just love the sign-on names from others - some of them really crack me up!

    Cheers! - Leah
  14. dogboa

    dogboa Fire Starter

    I kept and bred emerald tree boas for 10 years. Dogboa is a common name given by a Spaniard, based on a profile view of the head, which looks like a dog sans ears. Thus the origin of the species name caninus. My avatar is not an emerald, but a picture my wife took of a friends Guatemalan palm viper. 
  15. Back when I was returning to San Diego for shore duty with my now but then soon to be wife, we found a little rancher two blocks from the beach in Imperial Beach.  I landed a part time night job at a dive bar on the water and made some life-long friends.  One friend, Linda, INSISTED on calling me 'Jimmy' even though i hated the monicker.  I always just went by 'James'  or 'Jay.'  Me being the self-proclaimed pit master, and being the only one of us down by the beach with a private yard, Sundays after a late night at the bar became 'BBQ at Jimmy's."  It got to a point that we didn't even invite people anymore, they would just show up promptly at about 1'ish with beer in hand.  

    One day someone commented on my cue and asked what kind of sauce I buy and where do I buy it.  I gave him a sideways look, but before I could speak, Linda says, "That's Jimmyjam's special sauce, dumbass."
  16. These stories are fantastic!!!!! Merry Christmas! Cheers! - Leah
  17. reelboat

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    Reelboat.  Big time fisherman and boater.  My firdt offshore boat we called the "reel mistress" because we love fishing and we all know what a mistress would do to you. Same thing that a boat will do to you.  As I said I'm big into boating, Own 2 and fishing.  Reelboat was appropriate.
  18. boykjo

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    As a kid in my early teens all my neighborhood buddies we would switch our names backwards, in half and half to come up with some weird names to call ourselves so Joe Boyko became Boykjo, Okyob and okadahob....LOL Rub the name in your buddy's face when you scored a touchdown over him..... Those were some good times... Kinda like the movie "The sandlot".....
  19. dajints

    dajints Fire Starter

    Pretty simple. I'm a football Giants fan and always thought the SNL "da bears" skits were funny. A nickname for the Giants is the Jints. Hence DaJints
  20. tin man

    tin man Newbie

    I have been in the HVAC business for 20+ years and fabricated/ installed a lot of sheet metal. Just kind of fitting. 

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