How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. bbqtn

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    With my screen name you know exactly what state I am from. I presently live in Bartlett, Tennessee a suburb of Memphis. Been smoking for a long time. I have a large grease dumpster that I have converted into a smoker. It has a potbelly stove in the bottom and the cooking grate is 18" from the top Very easy to control the heat. I was a general contractor sense 1968. Put out of business in March 30, 2002 when a drunk driver hit my wife and me in the rear. She has a high spinal cord injury and will be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. I am her caregiver, that is OK because she took care of me for the last 39 years. I work at home for a company selling private labeled, spices, sauces and rubs all over the country.   
  2. mrmosh303

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    a few decades ago, a few of us were sitting around, enjoying a left-handed cig, wink wink nudge nudge, and a mexican friend, with his eyes half shut, said to me,"i spanish, your name is Tomas"...and my little philipinno friend, also half eyed, said,"huh huh...To-Mosh"...since i was one to frequent the mosh ever since that get together, i have been called,"Mosh"...and since i now live in Denver, 303 area code, i am now...MrMosh303...simple
  3. Well mine is the same as my old cigar board name.  Padron is one of my favorite cigar brands.....and last itme I looked I am a Man....hence PadronMan :eek:)
  4. taterman

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    Good morning from Vegas. As a police officer, I simply started using my first initial and my personnel (badge) number...hence "t5265".
  5. domapoi

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    But your name on your post says it is Taterman not T5265.
  6. I wanted people to know that I am not in the US so that they could hopefully understand why i need to ask so many questions. I don't know of anyone else here that has a smoker.

    I am also very proud to be Australian. I moved to the UK when i was 5 and always wanted to come back. almost 4 years ago i got a job transfer and my kids, hubby and I love it so much. I have a dream life, dream job and dream hobby (smoking).

    oh; and my name is Rachael

    AussieRach   [​IMG]
  7. I have had it fo almost 17 years , started when I needed a name for a hunting forum.

    i had been elk hunting for then a good 6 years at that time and i figured i was still like in the  first stages

    of knowing what the heck elk do.

    So here after 23 years of chasing those critters --- well i'm still learning.


     Check out Instant Broadhead Block

    on the Black Diamond Hunter accessories web page. that's my new baby.

    I just smoke to clear my sences.....
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  8. Nothing fancy here, my first initial (K) and my wifes first inital (L).  It actually started out as our first (joint) e-mail account and I've used it for several other accounts since then when I can't think of anything else to use.
  9. fast4drss

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    Well mine is sorta simple. I have been a car junkie for some time. Well I got married and wife wanted a 4 door sedan instead of the 2 door stick car I had, for the soon to come kid. That took 5 years. Anyway the criteria set was a 4 door car with a automatic. I purchased a 96 Impala SS. After several years of tweaking, lets say its not slow. :)

    I joined one of the Impala forums and needed a name "Fast 4 door ImpalaSS" became Fast4drSS. 
  10. Mine is pretty easy to figure out: first initial, last name.  Whenever I join a new forum, I spend a few minutes trying to think of a clever new name, and invariably say "the heck with it" and use this.  Much simpler, easy to remember.  I use my last name because my first name is fairly uncommon, so this actually affords me more privacy from search engines. 
  11. mastifffman

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    My screen name comes from the dogs that I have. Mastiffs !
  12. lilwhispers

    lilwhispers Newbie

    I was raised on a small dairy farm. The name of our farm was Whispering Hollow Farm I am TRYING to wear my dad down, Trying to talk him into letting me run his part of the farm(55 acres) and raise pasture based dairy, pork,chickens,turkeys,rabbits,etc. Therefore my screen name is Lilwhispers. I am wanting to raise Randall Cattle, Idaho Pasture Hogs, Giant Chinchilla Rabbits, as well as other hard to find breeds.
  13. Hello.  Mine is pretty simple.  It is/was ( licence has now expired ) my ham radio call sign.  Each are unique so is easy to use when a screen name is required.  Keep Smokin!

  14. I'm a big George Romero fan and have carried the name since the CB days.
  15. titogu

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    I have had it for years, saw it on a licence plate behind me (that's a hint lol) ti tog u
  16. fiscalo

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    I am a Dutch tax lawyer. In Dutch "fiscalist" but I like the lo better
  17. chief764

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    I came up with it in 1992.  It's a combination of my rank in the USN at the time and my bday.
  18. Brian,

    My name ca,e fro, my Son, Wife and others one afternoon after I had completed smoking three butts, two pork tenderloins, 250 chicken wings and a whole leg of lamb that was thin sliced and served on garlic toast.

    Someone said that the Q was better than Piggy the Pig and my wife piped up and said no this Q is flat out Pig-A-Liscious and hence the name was born.

  19. Mine is ssn is for nuke submarines ret is for retired and rwj are my initals.
  20. Well I'm from Arkansas, so needless to say I call the the Hogs.

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