How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. k2guy

    k2guy Fire Starter

    I've snow skied on K2 skis for years.
  2. comocean

    comocean Newbie

    Its my boats name....
  3. The oldest living x marine in long line of jarheads in my family going back to ww1... the youngest would be my son who is still active.
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  4. GaryHibbert

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    mine is pretty boring.  I tried a few and had them rejected, so I just used what my folks called me.  I have been called a lot of other things, but I don't think they would make it past the censors
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  5. smokenpull

    smokenpull Newbie

    Mine is pretty self explanatory for any modern day caveman.  I love the sight and smell of smoke rolling out of a smoker, and pulled pork is one of my favorites!

  6. jayfrobro

    jayfrobro Newbie

    mine is a nickname a Broker Price Opinion company gave me online.  It's easy, not usually taken, and I can remember it :-()
  7. tommyboy65

    tommyboy65 Newbie

    Happens to like the a) movie and b) my family has always called me Tommy
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  8. My youngest boy is named 'Jeremy' and I'm his 'Dad'. I should probably request a new SN, for personal reasons. :) lol
  9. highpriest

    highpriest Newbie

    My screen name is CMV (Gravely) Highpriest because my entire portable smoking operation is run by a generator driven by an old Gravely Model "L" Tractor and included in my set of equipment is a Dunbar Peanut or Popcorn dry "POPPER" and an old funny looking "Fire-Mist RED Reynolds 12 Quart Mixer". The entire set-up is trailer mounted and self contained. Keep in mind I have three BRAND NEW attachments for a RECO or Reynolds Mixer and all for $350, i also have a meat grinding Head #22 complete and the plunger fits many larger mixers.

  10. I have been recording & engineering music since 93. I stay in the studio 24-7 making music like a mad Lunatic. I have the same passion when it comes to do with anything BBQ, Grilled or Smoked. 24-7 The Lunatic
  11. rocknbbq

    rocknbbq Newbie

    Music of any kind that rocks and BBQ. Newbie to smokin but totally hooked already.
  12. noboundaries

    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Had a motorcycle accident decades ago, heart stopped twice, resuscitated twice (obviously), and decided to live my life without boundaries based upon the "experience" I had.  It is easier said than done but I've had a blast trying and doing before that proverbial charming third time arrives!
  13. eattruth

    eattruth Newbie

    Eattruth... well im big on eating animals and produce that is raised without hormones and is let out of cages to run free. A happy pig is a tasty pig. I am all for local sustainable organic and seasonal. I like to eat truthful honest food.
  14. japanfan

    japanfan Newbie

    Well it is long story.   I am retired Navy and my last 6 years I was in the Navy I was stationed in Japan,  I did enjoy it there but the comes a time a boy must come home.  I am a NASCAR fan and I attended the first NASCAR race ever held over there.  I meet Mike Skinner there and was very inpressed with how is show interest in his fans.  So I became a fan of his.  The following year he won the race there so I added fan to japan  so I am Japanfan.  I have been using Japanfan as a user name on the Net for all most 20 years now.
  15. It's pretty boring. it's my wife's initials and mine with our last name.

  16. Got it?  Not real creative but I use it for a lot of online stuff.
  17. Mines easy, my last name is 2 syllables, not spelled like this but pronounced KICK LINE, many friends call me Kicker.
  18. I was heading to work for midnight overtime. When I hit a nice big Doe. well I call the boss told him I would be late and preceded to take the doe back home cleaned her out hung her up and quickly headed back to work. In my haste to return to work I didn't realize all the blood I had going down one leg and my shirt. Walked into work and everybody was shocked at my appearance and Captainroadkill was born. A few friends started calling me Captainroadkill and it just stuck. Since I started driving I have hit 10 deer. All ended up in my freezer and have on occasions picked up a fresh roadkill.
  19. stank56

    stank56 Fire Starter

    Well I am a long time rock bassplayer and there were issues I suppose.[​IMG]
  20. Well I do live in the desert so I thought cactuskid would work just fine.

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