How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. My name simple just a combo of things from my favorite band. Used it for years with a couple different variations.
  2. I live in CULLOWHEE and I am a strong lifelong UGA fan (DAWG) so you put that together to make CULLOWHEEDAWG. By the way Cullowhee is located in the mountains of North Carolina
  3. dogman521

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    My screen name was given to me by a buddy and fellow musician. Every time he came to pick me up for rehersal, our pack of 7 barking dogs would surround his car barking and yapping! He started calling me the dog man and it stuck! That was 30 years ago!!   P.S. I'd love to hear some of your best venison recipes. especially smoked .
  4. Once upon a long, long, time ago...

    My friend, Grafton,  and his wife, Mary, sponsored an exchange student from France. She pronounced my name (Gilbert) in the French style, B-E-R-T as B-E-A-R. It sounded soooooooooooo good rolling out of her mouth that I hung onto that way of saying it!

    However, I have run into problems sometimes because a Bear is a hairy homosexual.

    (Thank you for your kind offer, but NO!)
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  5. 173rdherd

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    In what language or circumstance would that be?
  6. mtm29575

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    Mine is pretty boring....just my initials and my zip code.
  7. Under circumstances that I would have thought quite innocent. One was a professional forum and 2 different photo sharing sites.Offers based on the spelling. Nothing rude, but offers, nonetheless.
  8. uhmgood

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    cause that's what it tastes like when i'm done
  9. ppbebop

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    Just the name I use for my email address.  Just love bebop music. 
  10. My favorite hobbies are Harley's and Smoking meat. Pretty basic! But keeps me happy at home and on the road!
  11. My wife sometimes calls me Silver because of by silver (gray) hair.  I ride a motorcycle.  My first Gold Wing motorcycle was an 1989.  I now have a 2006 Gold Wing with a side car.  I smoke meat with a Green Egg and a Masterbuilt Smokers.
  12. It's the other name my wife wouldn't name any of our reason, just like it.

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  13. domapoi

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    Hey great, another Harley rider. This is my bike and me with the rear of my son's Harley as well.

  14. Yes it is all original. I have two older cars, the 1920 and a 1928 Coupe. Both are original with the exception of changing from 6 volt to 12 volt electrical. (Brighter headlights...)
  15. 173rdherd

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    very cool.....we are car people too, with 53 wagon, 57 sedan and 58 wagon....all chevies and none showpieces
  16. Evening all.

    I'm originally from Fort Wayne Indiana and moved to Knoxville Tennessee 2 years ago. I've always enjoyed history and everything in the south. I'm here now and although I'm a Damn Yankee I'm right where I am grateful to be. Now I can smoke nearly all year long and do!

    "A Yankee comes to visit, a Damn Yankee stays."
  17. Mine comes from an old faithful friend.  A big old Yellow Labrador retriever who was my first narcotics K9 named Yoni.  Miss that old boy.
  18. How about some details on your smoking of lobsters- sounds very tasty!
  19. Hi the reason i picked Sweet Smoker,i own a candy Business called Sweets for Sweeties Candies.i love to smoke all kinds of favorite is Pork Butts.
  20. Two favorite sports team.....Miami Dolphins and New York Yankees followed by Dan Marino's number....

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