How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. My name is self explanatory. I'm a New Mexico native (my wife too). I'm a desert rat (second name choice)and love the wide open spaces.

    My wife and I both cook. Being in New Mexico (chili capital of the world), my smoking has a New Mexican, not Mexican, theme and taste.

    Authentic Mexican food tends to be on the bland side. New Mexican has the hot chili taste that came from the Southwest Indians influence. So my smoking has more red chili (less cayenne) taste in the rubs and sauce. Jeff's rub recipe with red chili instead of cayenne is magic. When we make New Mexican food, the meat is typically smoked with peach, cherry or pecan and then cooked into the dish.

    Another trick is to cold smoke the meat like cheese and then cook it into the dish.

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    my wife and I also live in NM we have lived here for 14yrs and love the green chili[​IMG]
  3. New Mexican here as well. Looking forward to the scent of roasting green chile in a few weeks! 

    My screen name is pretty simple as well. I usually just use my name or initials for a screen name, but I'm a youth pastor and thought I'd play off the pit master idea. 
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    This is my screen name everywhere, and I chose it long before the movie.   I think I had just read the book.  Fortunately, I mis-spelled it (shouldn't have a "u"), so it is still often available when I join a new forum.  Still, there are enough dummies out there, that occassionally I find Beowoulf taken.
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    middle of August I get a case of hatch peppers roasted at the local H.E.B. grocery and bag and freeze them to use all year.....I just made a batch of Pasole day before yesterday with the last two bags of should go well with the two shoulders coming out of the mes30 in a couple hours
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    I chose mine because I love all Seattle sports teams. Mariners for baseball & Seahawks for football. I was born in Arizona, raised in California, hate all Calif sports teams btw and yes I bleed blue and green. Anyway, moved back to Arizona in 2001 and now back in Calif to help care for my mother. I miss the dry heat of Arizona. Mariner in az!
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    Thanks Goodcenterchef. Guess you're my "fan" lol :)

    I got a fair response to that, for awhile. I guess (the original) Doom and Doom ][ aren't exactly popular games anymore, although they really should be in many ways... totally groundbreaking, and still very playable. Or I think so, anyway. They don't have the graphics, and that's a fact. But, they do have the game play.

    Thanks for remembering me :)
  8. Glad to hear from some fellow NM smokers!

    What are your favorite smokers? Mine is a 40" Smoke Hollow vertical with a SmokeDaddy mounted on the side.
  9. Mine is for my catering business that my brother and i have started. If we both faced away from you ...get it now
  10. Yes,  "Bugs".  My grandfather reffered to him as Bugsy.  Bad habit I guess.  However I figured people were smart enough to figure that out.  Maybe I should have just said George Clarence Moran to be clear.  My Bad.
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    smart enough?....I grew up in that neighborhood.
  12. RTB has been my nick name for some time. I ride a Harley and my friends coined me RTB - Randy The Biker. I am a bow hunter so it works for that too. Randy-the bow hunter and of course for my smoking hobby I just added the BQ on the end as it goes RTBBQ....Works for just about everything thus far...Lola
  13. Yes.  "Smart enough."  Meaning I figured people would of known who I was referring to by my original post without the correction.  That's all.
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    Lighten up Francis. I see you have a whole five posts under your belt. This isn't how we like to play in this sandbox.
  15. I'm going to change my name to "I"m not wasting anymore of my time on this"  The only thread that repeats, and repeats, and repeats is how did you choose your name.  Frankly that teaches me nothing of what I want to know, nor does it teach me how to use what I thought would be a useful site.  It has become, your basic "buy my sauce recipe" ad, mailed to my e-mail near daily.

    So I'm quitting.  Get it?  I've asked a couple times to have my name dropped from your list.  Unsubscribe me.  You're wasting my time and electricity.  I don't care how people chose their names.  I'll buy books on smoking meats and consider the time reading to be well spent.  Maybe even offer to work for free at a couple of bbq pit in town.  But I will not waste anymore time here.  Take me off your mailing list.
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    You don't have to open the email, or respond.  Just trash it. 

    If you ever start a "new topic" because of your curiosity, and it gets rolling, you might feel proud of yourself for getting folks to "talk".

    Have a nice life.

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    I would recommend, instead of opening threads that ask, "How did you come up with your name", go for the ones that are about smoking Beef, Pork, Fish, Foul, Wild Game, etc, etc. There are tons of threads like that on this forum. Also this forum has the best search engine I have ever seen. Try it---You'll find a lot more than you'll find in any 10 "meat smoking books".

    Find something like this in a book:

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