How did you come up with your screen name?

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    Or have a crush on Penny?
  2. first name, highway that I live next to and the year I moved into my home. Simple
  3. Mine is pretty boring...  Amy is my first name and 102090 is date I was married - October 20, 1990.  Exciting, huh? 
  4. cyderpig

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    Hi All

    Pigs feed on apple pumice.

    Use the Cyder in my signature Pulled Pork, Hence the Tag ,CyderPig!


  5. guinjames- Guinness & Jameson
  6. Mine wasnt something I thought up, it became my "call-sign" I am in the military and we work around alot of pilots and air crew and they all go by call signs, well me not being in the air crew we generally went by our names, until one of our contractors noticed the kind of truck I drive and the things I do on the weekend and basically was just this computer nerd by day crazy redneck by night and he started calling me "big country" and before long it spread through the shop and into others as well to where it eventually became the nick name in my 4wheeling group and now my screen names on many forum if it isnt taken already

  7. chiefwej

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    Bugsy Siegel vs Bugs Moran. Moran strictly Chicagoland (north side) gangster. Bugsy Siegal New York, L.A. and then Los Vegas.
  8. Well , your right, there is always a story. I'm from down east, Nfld. My grandfather was born in Dildo, Nfld. (OK, quit laughing ! ) Anyhow, when down last time, there was this sort of statue of Capt. Dildo. I took a picture, and viola, my avatar is Capt. Dildo.

    Bottom line, I love to Que. and grill, and smoke and cure foods. I also hunt, fish and haven't had seafood that I didn't like yet. Smoked Salmon, Trout or Trigger Fish, Delicious !!!

  9. pokemnsmokem

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    my pig roasting buddy's and i used to go pick up live hogs in order to get a fresh one and save some money, we would do the kill (pokem)with a long dagger type knife, after the hog was dressed out and hair removed he was ready for a low and slow smoke/cook (smokem)on the old spitt. strange but true the name pokem n smokem came back when we started doing competition bbq
  10. Mine is easy, My last name is Blizzard and I'm a retired chef, simple.
  11. That would be my first and middle names
  12. Pretty easy for me.  My name is JD and I live in Alaska.  I was sitting outside by a fire on my back deck and was pretty cold when I signed in on my lap top for the first time, so JD on Ice seemed appropriate. Although Scotch with a little ice is really my preferred drink. 
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    Well, it must be exciting for you. After all you came up with it.
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    This is an interesting question one that I don't mind responding to. I am sure many of us here on this forum are gamers. For myself I am an old gamer when you start a new game or new character you have to make up a name. I can't count how many times I have typed in a name and it has already been taken. So I set and thought for several minutes, the name I came up with was TheHermit. How many people could think outside the box and find something so simple? It fits me I like it and has a bit of a ring to it. So TheHermit was born. 
  15. I'm not sure how I came up with mine ;)
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  16. Perfect! I had one I used to use  - GOMINEC (Grumpy Old Man In El Cajon)
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    Ok JD on Ice ROFL !!!
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    Mom gave it to me. [​IMG]

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    Well im new at smoking and  my name is Tim and im on a smoke site so I thought I would put it all together...[​IMG]
  20. Well this is a smoking site and the first thing that came to mind was a Joe Walsh album "The smoker you drink, the player you get". I took the first part and ran with it.

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