How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. USAF veteran...fighter and bomber aircraft engine mechanic. when a fighter jet needs to get out of a sticky sitch rather quickly they turn and hit after burners.up up and away..and for us mechs on the ground when bouncing from jet to jet and leaving the flightline we hop in the truck and instead of saying lets go we'd say lets turn and burn!! as in lets get the hell outta here! haha. [​IMG]
  2. Mine is much like DeeJayDebbie. I bought a computer many years ago at the now defunct Circuit City and they asked me to create an email account so I took first name initial, last name and numbers from my address then and now - and that's how RGomez2691 was born and I use it as email and user name every chance I get
  3. akdutchguy

    akdutchguy Meat Mopper

    Well lets see here. I'm Dutch and I live in Alaska and I'm a guy. Pretty simple.
  4. huffy

    huffy Newbie

    Mine  was given by  a great redhead at work, she and I were already taken but a great friend.
  5. I shot a pretty big deer Mn archery season, he ended up being the dubbed "The Hokah Legend" because I live in Hokah, Mn. A small town thing, amazing how a deer can change things.....Some really good ones on here, neat thread...
  6. dumbwhiteperson

    dumbwhiteperson Fire Starter

    Mine comes from one of my favorite bands Foxy Shazam. The singer would always say at concerts...

    "20 bucks says none of y'all dumb white people can kill me"

    Go to 1:05 mark to see what I'm talking about.

    It is my user name for Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr and any other forum or social networking site :)
  7. I build my own toys ( Cars ). And about 10 years ago I built a 2165 cc sandrail dune buggy and I put a turbo on it ( I like fast toys :). ). I don't have it anymore but I don't want to change my name to "turbo LSX 1969 GTO Judge" :). Doesn't flow well ha!
    The turbo rail. Street legal and drive it everywhere. A LOT of highway time too. Made 235HP to the wheels and ran a 6.99 in the 1/8 @ something like 94mph

    1969 GTO Judge clone with a stroked LSX motor with a T76 turbo Old motor made 535 to the wheels this one should make about 800hp to the wheels
  8. Done! And thanks :)
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  9. bear bait

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    I usually use a different name on the computer, but the day before I signed up here my young puppy "Sarge " almost became bear bait on the back porch, so I figured what the heck, new screen name.  Sarge is a half and half, Shepperd and boxer, great pup.  The bear in this case went about 600 lbs or so. 
  10. steve-o90

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    Well I got my screen name cuz I'm a car audio clud( I'm 22) lol so my buddy's called me Steve for short then added the o for steve-I n 90 is the yr I was born so it's been the same screen name since I was 18 lol
  11. all time favorite car gto judge very nice
  12. Thanks :)
  13. I stumbled onto this website and in my haste to signup I missed the "T" in turbotrimmm, so now everyone calls me urbo.  I got turbotrimm because I originated in the building world as a trim carpenter, the trim part, and I had a young gal work for me once who called me turbo because I zipped around so quick.  Since then my whole email world has been turbotrimmm.  But for this site I'm quite happy being called urbotrimmm.
  14. I  was a Scout Dog Handler  with the 35TH Infantry Platoon Scout Dog ,First Infantry Division .Lovely Republic Of South Vietnam 1969-1970.
  15. FRGus723

    My dog Gus from the Fox Run Kennels.  His birthday is 7/23.  This July he will be 19 years old!  Not too bad for an Ol' Jack Russel Terrier.
  16. 5150tailgater

    5150tailgater Newbie

    I enjoy tailgating a lot so that's where the tailgater part comes from.  5150 is police talk for a crazy person or a crazy driver.  In essence my name means the crazy tailgater!
  17. 2nd smoke

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    I picked 2nd smoke because I like to have a big cigar once in a while and all the talk of 2nd hand smoke got me kicked out of even the places you could smoke. Now i just grab a craft brew (sometimes my own) and sit on my deck with my cigar. [​IMG]
  18. Well mine is pretty simple, I flew overnight freight for Airborne Express and used to go by fr8flyr. I hit the mandatory 60 retirement age in 2005 so I became retfr8fly on all the forums.
  19. foamheart

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    Foamheart is the bastardization of the name of a character in a book. It was a River Giant named Saltheart Foamfollower. Being a coonass living in the West Texas Desert, it somehow seemed appropreiate. I didn't mention back then most bouncers prefered to be my friend. Neighbors kids said I looked like The guy who played Grizzly Addams, guess I did except with redish hair.

    Its been my name since I had my first home computer. I never tarnish it so it follows me around. Its surprizing how many have actually asked me if I knew the original Foamheart. There is only one.

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