How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. hova1914

    hova1914 Smoke Blower

    Mine is the same one I've been using since the Internet became cool back in the 90s. Back in the days of dial up, aol, & chat rooms lol. Anyways, I needed a screen name to join yahoo so I decided to use a college nickname the guys in my fraternity gave me. It was taken and yahoo suggested I add numbers, so I used the year my frat was founded. Thus, Hova1914 was born. I've used that name for everything online ever since.
  2. rabbithutch

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    Can't believe I hadn't stumbled on this thread before now. It's a great one!

    As for "rabbithutch" - well my given name is Robert (changed to rabblt by someone many years ago) and I'm a "Hutch" as in Starsky and . . . .

    It's also the name of the pen that rabbits are kept in . . .
  3. goosejerky

    goosejerky Newbie

    I got my name from all the goose jerky i make during waterfowl season ! I love to goose hunt and one thing led to another!
  4. manoowar2

    manoowar2 Newbie

    Comic book
  5. bosox

    bosox Newbie

    I am a Forty"Niner" fan along with being a Red "Sox" fan!
  6. hova1914

    hova1914 Smoke Blower

    You're a San Fran AND a Boston fan? How does THAT happen????
  7. I have been in the Navy for 28 years.  the first 12 years were as an enlisted sailor, Hospital Corpsman First Class (HM1), in 1997 I received my commission as a Navy Nurse Corps Officer as and Ensign (ENS), therefor I went from HM1 2 ENS = HM12ENS.  A combination of my enlisted rank and my commissioning rank.
  8. chiefusn

    chiefusn Smoke Blower

    But your username is Johnny Rodgers.[​IMG]

    That's why Chief's run the Navy...We train the Junior Enlisted and the Officers. Hence where I got my username.

    No offense...sir. Just good ole Navy humor coming at ya.

  9. wow we are close to each other. I live in Porterville!
  10. jimmybh

    jimmybh Fire Starter

    I tried jimmyb  but it was already taken, so I added an h and it worked LOL. My first name is jimmy. My confirmation name is Benedict. The first letter of my last name is H. Hence jimmybh.
  11. killnsmoke

    killnsmoke Smoke Blower

    Awesome!....i like to hunt, and smoke food in my smoker, hence the name
  12. jimmybh

    jimmybh Fire Starter

    Hey Deer Meat, Where did you get the picture of my friend "Oink Johnson".. I love to see the pig smiling, especially  when he is clothed in smoke and barbacue sauce.LOL
  13. jp61

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    [​IMG]   not sure if I'm allowed to laugh at this one. But it's funny, to me. [​IMG]
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  14. if you want the job done right, some times you have to take matters in your own hand
  15. I use to sell A LOT of different stuff on Ebay and still do off and on and that is my screen name.


    I thought it was kind of funny!

  16. wastedwoody

    wastedwoody Newbie

    DELETED!! Oh puh...leeeze!
  17. Jerry Garcia..................nuff said!
  18. pbone

    pbone Newbie

    My name was given to me by a co worker who would call me that due to him knowing i didnt like rap music thinking it would irritate me!
  19. beernuts

    beernuts Smoke Blower

    My screen name is dedicated to my late, great Golden Retreiver Sierra who passed away last year.  You can guess her favorite beverage. [​IMG]
  20. If you check out my avatar that is our 125lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback hence the screen name.


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