How did you come up with your screen name?

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  1. Well, mine is a no-brainer...I live in the San Diego community of University City, hence UC Smoker...too simple, but I'm a simple man, with a simple, drink, and be merry.
  2. dad of four

    dad of four Smoke Blower

    Back before the internet was the internet, I used to participate in chat rooms.

    Knowing the world was full of creeps, I thought I'd stick to hobbyist forums and religious forums.

    Specifically I used to hang out at a Catholic Chat room on MSN

    All to often after chatting and talking about religion for 30 minutes, I'd start getting private messages from Catholic Women!

    Not wanting to go there, or deal with the temptation, I changed my name to Dad_of_Four, so everyone would know

    I was a married father of 4 children.  It helped (a little)... LOL
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  4. cheetosgrill

    cheetosgrill Newbie

    Well mine may be a bit boring but here we go. My brother-in-law's nickname is Cheeto. He got that name from my kids because he would always give them Cheetos as babies and they just started calling him Cheeto. It was his fortieth B-day this month and he hasn't ever has a nice smoker. I got on this forum to try to find some barrels to build him one. We always smoke turkeys and hams for less fortunate families in the neighborhood during thanksgiving and Christmas. So now he has a double barrel smoker. Mow we have 24 hams to smoke on monday. people all over town have found out about this and are donating everything for us to cook. When he came home from his surprise b-day party it was Rollin smoke and he thought his house was in fire!!! Anyway that's how cheetosgrill came about.
  5. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I was living on a sailboat in Maryland at the time. The common term for a person of a certain age who decide to spit in the eye of polite society and live aboard boats is "boat bum". It sounds much better than "nearly homeless".
  6. jetman

    jetman Smoke Blower

    I'm part of a wooden boat club along with "dirtsailor" here on this group. The boat I built at same time I joined the group was a 15" skiff that I built with an odd propulsion drive. Looking over a 5.5hp gas powered trash pump at Harbor Fright (no miss-spell !) and thinking they could power a small boat. Looking at most every small skiff plan I settled on a Bolger & Payson designed 15' "Diablo" A simple and quick boat to build, from first cut to splash was about three months, just working weekends.

    Boat and motor setup looked good together, along with full power reverse, both pumps had an aux outlet that I would use to shoot water skyward through fire hose nozzles. Her performance was just horrible! So slow, with both at full throttle best I could do was about 5mph and with stock Briggs & Stratton mufflers she was deffening!! Later in the boats life, I removed the pumps and powered her with a regular outboard. Even after "Don't Panic" was converted to outboard the guys in the club still referred to me as "Jetman" I suspect that will be engraved on my headstone [​IMG]

  7. I just like riding my harley if I'm not smoking something  
  8. 173rdherd

    173rdherd Fire Starter

    Served in 173rd Airborne Brigade, RVN. 2nd Battallion, 503rd Infantry Echo Company Recon, Wildcat 3.
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  9. hoity toit

    hoity toit Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I go to a local pub that is named the Hoity Toit Beer joint.  I might add they have an area called the a_ _hole section, complete with a neon sign that says the same thing. That is where a lot of the locals sit. There is also a sign outside that reads, You can't get there from here without a six pack!"  .

    The dictionary says this : hoity-toity

    adjective (Informal) haughty, proud, arrogant, stuck-up (informal), lofty, conceited, snooty (informal), scornful, snobbish, disdainful, supercilious, high and mighty (informal), overweening, toffee-nosed (slang, chiefly Brit.), uppish (Brit. informal) My auntie up from the south was trying to be all hoity-toity.

    hoity-toity - affectedly genteel
    hifalutin, highfalutin, highfaluting, la-di-da, grandiose

    pretentious - making claim to or creating an appearance of (often undeserved) importance or distinction; "a pretentious country house"; "a pretentious fraud"; "a pretentious scholarly edition"

      - - - - - - -

    Hence, my screen name was born........
  10. hoity toit

    hoity toit Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    the big boy hamburger..
  11. jarjarchef

    jarjarchef Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    When I started at a new location several years ago I came in guns a blazing and ready to make a difference. I had just moved from a bad situation and of the 3 Chefs at my level I was the only one with Catering experience. After about 4-6 weeks there I started to make some operational changes that were needed. However I was not expecting needing to take 6 weeks off due to and emergency hernia surgery. While out some of the crew were giving the Chef Team and other crew members nick names. Well the guys doing this are Star Wars fans to say the least. All the crew were Rebel nick names and all the Chefs were Dark Side. I ended up with Jar Jar for a couple reasons, I was the tallest and thin, I had just started a bunch of new things and then left. They had also not figured out if I was bad or good yet, they just knew I created trouble and then left.

    So when they invited me to join their fantasy football league and I needed an email and screen name the guy running it say why not "Chef Jar Jar"? Well that was taken, but JarJarChef was not. So that is what I use. It keeps things simple to remember........

  12. mrkrunk

    mrkrunk Newbie

    July 1994 - A geek sits in front of his computer getting ready to play LucasArts brilliant game "TIE Fighter" (on 5x 3-1/2" floppies!) Wow, whattagame, YOU get to be an Imperial TIE fighter pilot! Neat-o! (or whatever exclamation people were using 20 years ago)

    So, now I gotta come up with a name that would sound cool for an Imperial TIE pilot, hmmm.  My real name's Kevin, so it's gotta have a "K" in it.....

    I got it: "KrunK"  Sounds masculine and tough - "Die you rebel scum!" Later, when I belonged to a couple of Tribes clans in '99 and early 2000's, I added a first name: Electronicus, so that I could flesh-out my Tribes back-story. Oh, if anybody understands what I'm talking about here, I belonged to the Blood Eagle Elders (BEE) and to the Knights Of Invictus (KOI).

    It's KRUNK, not Crunk, and I, Kevin Watts invented it, not some Crazy dRUNK rappers in the 2000's. Jeex, there's even a rumor going around that Conan came up with the term before I did, but that's just a vicious lie.

    I have used KrunK, or EKrunK or MrKrunK or KrunK500, depending on what's available, for all my game names and online handles ever since.

    On a side note, my stepmother tried to order me a Colts jersey for Christmas this year, but the website for NFL offically licensed jerseys won't let her use "KRUNK" because it's obscene or offensive or innapropriate or prolly trademarked to Puff Daddy or something, Idaknow. Christmas at Dad & Judy's is this coming Sunday, so let's see how she did. Worst case scenario, I'll end up with some other dude's name on my back. *shudder* I'm 49, so I'm way over hero-worship and prefer only my name on my back...

    Thanks for asking, nice thread.

    Merry Christmas!
  13. hagisan

    hagisan Meat Mopper

    Close friends in Mecca gave me the nickname Hagisan back in '84.
  14. An Airgator is an old style swamp boat manufacturer that was eventually purchased by Alumitech.  See my Avatar for my original 1979 Airgator with 350 GM engine and Whirlwind prop.
  15. Got mine from being shaky and born in 1956 also I had a mustang with a shaker scoop
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  16. nickyb

    nickyb Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

    This is awesome as I have seen said a bunch of time.  Only problem is there so many people on here.  Crazy interesting but it is a book of information.

    As for me pretty simple.  My first name is Nicholas my last name is Bogart.  Someone started calling me NickyB and it has mostly stuck with online usage.
  17. linepipe

    linepipe Newbie

    Linepipe is an old oilfield term and type of - pipe.  It is pipe that runs along the ground (flowlines, gunbarrel/tank hookups),etc.  Different than upset tubing (that is my wife...[​IMG]), which goes in the well.

    Built and broke down a lot of that stuff.  But now that I think about it, it is pretty odd unless you have been in the industry.  Guess I should have gone with HammerUnion, CheckValve, TankBattery...or not.
  18. humdinger

    humdinger Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    My screen name is a word that is close to my real last name. When I played baseball in high school, I led the team in home runs my senior year and since a "dinger" is slang for a home run (around here anyways, can't speak for everywhere) it was a name the guys gave me.

    I initially considered using "The Hummer" because it was what my grandfather named his log cabin home in northern Michigan back in the 80's, but I decided not to because of the certain undertones that word has...[​IMG]
  19. therealfrosty

    therealfrosty Fire Starter

    Frosty has been my gamer tag since the first time I picked up a video game controller, It's a loose derivative from Smokey and the Bandit (The Snow Man).


  20. jarjarchef...what did they end up deciding?

    MrKrunk...I'm afraid to know how many of us may know exactly what you are talking about--it was a great game

    shaker56...gotta love those old shaker scoops...I don't know what's wrong with kids these days...I'll keep my Stingray, they can have their iPads...

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