How can i get some juice back in Brisket.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by richard cabral7, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. So I smoked a ten pound brisket overnight. Ill be serving it today at 2pm. How can I get some juice back in it?
  2. is it dry?
  3. Not too too dry but a little, I did lose heat over night in the UDS.
  4. fwismoker

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    Did you get an accurate finishing temp in the brisket?

    If you want a inexpensive automatic temperature controller that's great for all night cooks I hook up a PITMASTERIQ to mine.. Works great. They have a 3/4 and 1 inch adapters to fit ball valves.
  5. fwismoker

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    The UDS cooks faster, might be a tad over done. When you get a Maverick or something the have alarms you can set for high and low pit and food temps
  6. ive heard the UDS can cut times in half or sarge swears by his...youre best bet is going to be a little soak in au jus when serving or before serving.
  7. sounds great, I think ill do that.
  8. any recipe you might recommend
  9. fwismoker

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    JJ has some jus recipes you can make from drippings. So how's the taste and smoke ring? Pics
  10. I cut and end piece and it tasted freaking awesome and has a good 1/4 inch ring. and a beautiful glaze. When I cut it up I will post some pics, I promise.
  11. dirtsailor2003

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    Assuming that you'll be re-heating the brisket, you can put beef broth into the pan you are going to use, place the brisket in cover with foil and reheat in the oven @ 200*. This will steam it and add moisture to the brisket. A great Au Jus is Chef JJ's Smokey Au Jus, which can be made without using the smoker too:
  12. very cool man, when I cut this I will post some pics for sure, id love to get some critique.
  13. I always keep a spray bottle of 3 parts Apple Juice to 1 part Bourbon in the fridge, and spray the slices when I'm re-heating them. I typically re-heat slices of smoked brisket or smoked turkey in a glass/pyrex microwave dish with matching glass lid, after spraying the pieces and adding a teaspoon of water inside to make some moist steam. If you have any other juices you captured when slicing this would be a good time to add some of those juices too...
  14. hambone1950

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    Sounds like you did ok , rich. Glad the brisket came out good. Once you get a good meat thermometer , you'll be cooking like a pro. Try that chef jimmy j recipe. That guy knows his stuff. He's got a ton of great recipes on here. It's all good.


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