How big of heating elements to use?

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by smokinkarl, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Starting another smoker build on a double door SS freezer 50x59x30. This smoker will be ran on 220V due to its size and since I do not plan to replace insulation. I would like to use two elements since I do not feel like making a heat deflector for even heat distribution on this one. Any suggestions on heating element size from anyone that already has a double door electric smoker? Already have a 220V 50amp plug wired so that will be my limit on amperage.
  2. Following to see what responses you get....

    220 volt 50 amp could power quite a large heat element the size of most houses use for winter warmth.

    I am planning a build as well but not that intense, my plans are going to be for cheese sausage in a smaller cabinet, say 24" by 24" by 6 feet tall, I will watch and hope some others chime in...with some answers,

    What temps are you planning on running?  Me no more than 170 degrees, will probably use the amps for smoke in mine..
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    I run two elements in my 1950 fridge smoker. They total 1500W at 120v. Works great and has no problem maintaining temp. We primarily use the fridge smoker for deer sausage. I also replaced all the insulation with Roxul on the 1950 smoker which I believe made a huge difference! The outside of the smoker never gets warm at all which allowed me to have it sprayed with Line-X. I'll try to post some pictures later.

    As for the double door smoker I am planning on using two 3000W elements. It might be a little bit of over kill however no one ever complains because they went too big. Especially since I do not plan to replace insulation on the double door unit.

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