How big of a hog?

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  1. ... I have a 3'x4' cinder block pit... I have never done whole hog before. Does anyone have any idea how big of a pig, if I cut the head and feet off, i could put on this amount of grill space? Looking to feed as many people as possible. I realize this isn't big enough, but I could have, potentially, 300-350 "tasters". I'm not really looking to feed everyone, this is a project at a private school. I just need to know the maximum size I can throw on here... I, could, put butts on any extra space left on the grill do make up some volume. Thanks!

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    I can't find any sizing chart but from various pics, I will say head on 130Lb will fit, head off, 150Lb hog. A 150Lb hog will yield about 350 3.5oz sandwiches. A bit small but if just a taste, you will be fine. Below is a post of mine from an old thread and may help if the hog don't fit or you need to go bigger...JJ

    If the hog is longer than your smoker it can be cut across the center, side to side then in half the length of the spine on the front half. You then partially lay the front half on top of the back half so the front Loin and Ribs cover and protect the rear Loin and Ribs effectively doubling the thickness of the thin center of the hog which will let the loins cook at the same rate as the thicker Shoulders and Hams. Think a Telescoping Pig. Check this video for what I mean at the 13:00 minute mark...JJ


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