How a CookShack smoker is made

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by old sarge, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. old sarge

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    Here is a link that shows how a CookShack smoker is made.

  2. Thanks Sarge!!  Great little video. 

  3. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit

    Aside from the country of origin and price, I imagine that SI is put together much the same way with the same attention to detail.
  4. It must be.  I have 2 big ol butts in mine now.  I do wish it was made in the USA as I always try and shop that way but the price difference was too hard to pass up. 
  5. chef willie

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    Nice vid.....hoping the SI is made with the same attention to detail. I so wish, for all concerned, that these companies come back to the US......Willie
  6. Me too Willie.  In the normal scheme of things I don't mind paying more for products if it keeps me out of Wal-Mart, Target etc.  I ALWAYS try and support my local business owners.  We could get companies back in the US if we made it less appealing to be in China. 

  7. old sarge

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    I too like supporting local businesses.  I prefer, when possible, to shop not just local, but small mom and pop operations. I my pay a little more than if I hit Walmart, or Target, etc, but that extra dollar or two puts food on someones table and keeps their dream alive. And the folks remember names, ask how the family is doing, etc.

    Soapbox time:

    Our manufacturing base in the US has gone down the tubes. Large corporate CEOs and shareholders want maximum profit, customers want the lowest price. And the American worker wants a high salary.  Something had to give.  Join that with the notion that a person is nothing without college (in my day, it was stay in high school and get a good job) and trade schools dry up. Consequently, manufacturing labor of durable goods, everyday items we all have in our homes like pots/pan, small kitchen electrics, clothing, shoes, electronics, etc all come from overseas.  All we have left is the brand name and shuttered mills, plants and factories.  And an EPA holding us back as a nation, huge unemployment that could turn around and modernize our plants, mills and factories, earn a good salary, manufacture what we need in the US, increase the tax base, reduce the deficit, remove people from government handouts and assistance, etc. There just needs to be some tough decisions made at the national level and a buying public (the same ones who would gain employment) willing to pay a little more. 

    End of soapbox

    Steve has a great product at a great price. The fact that he started his own business is both commendable and courageous. Many fail; he has succeeded. The downturn of the economy  several years ago hurt a lot of folks. Somehow, Steve has managed to grow his company.  That says a lot about the man and about his customers, regardless of where the product is made.  It is a good solid unit that works as it should.  Cookshack has been around for over 50 years.  It also is a good solid unit that works as it should.  Tough act to follow, but SI is doing it.

    Happy smoking!
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  8. I agree with EVERYTHING you have said.  Nice Soapbox [​IMG]
  9. dcarch

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    The problem is we keep electing politicians who are lawyers by training, and many of China's top politicians are trained engineers.

    Xi Jinping - China's president, a chemical engineer.

    Obama - President USA,  a lawyer.

    Lawyer make deals, engineers make machines.

    China - One lawyer per 6,830 citizens

    Japan - one lawyer per 4,000 citzens.

    USA - one lawyer per 350 citizens.

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  10. old sarge

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    Thanks. I think every forum should have a soapbox section. It's good for the soul.


    That would be constitutional lawyer, which is why he..................

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