Hot smoking without cure?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by skhunter, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. I've seen a couple threads saying you need cure for cold smoking and no cure for hot smoking. I thought it was the opposite. I have always used cure for hot smoking my sausage.
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    When you say hot smoking, what temps are you talking about? If you have cure in the sausage you don't need to worry about the 41-135 rule. you can smoke the sausage at very low temps, over a long time frame, but need to get it up to about 155 IT for the finish. If you cook the sausage & get it above 135 in 4 hours you don't need cure, like you would do for fresh Italian sausage or breakfast sausage.
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  3. When I say hot smoking I'm talking about smoking to internal temp of 155 over a long time (8-10 hours)
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    If your going to have the sausage or any other ground/injected/probed meat in the "Danger Zone" 41-135 degrees for more than 4 hours then it should be cured. 
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    Totally agree. You are risking illness any other process
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    What Jerry said (pineywoods) he's one of th men around here.
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    Now, during that smoke of 8 - 10 hours if you monitor your temps and can boost up your heat enough so that as soon as your meat hits 41° it can get up to 135° inside of 4 hours, you're good to go finishing it to 155° over a longer period of time with out cure.  However, over 4 hours with fresh product the bacteria levels explode in that temp range and multiply incessantly; only rapid heat or cure will keep that from happening.
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    What Pops & Al & Piney said.

    I like the taste of cured smoked sausage more than non-cured smoked sausage too. But that could just be me.

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    Like the others have said.

    Just play it safe and use cure. The small amount of cure is not going to hurt you.
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    Well put Pops...JJ

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