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    Is what it's officially called. Thanks to DaveOmaks thread back in December that looked so good this was on my list of things to do. It made a small batch, smaller than I thought 3.5 pounds of shredded cabbage would look like. But, the smell of the veggies mixed together was good I felt like getting a fork and digging into the raw batch immediately. The recipe said only a three week wait so I'm looking forward to a shorter ferment. I will admit my batch did not create as much brine as Daves so after 24 hours I made a brine to top off the batch. Submerged the kraut using the 'brine in baggie' trick and attached an airlock since the batch did not reach high enough to the top. I'll monitor this fairly close as fermentation starts to keep all below the brine and will update this thread in 3 weeks. Let the waiting begin.....

    shredded on a mandolin, fresh jalapenos and a load of garlic

    after all being mixed together---smelled fantastic at this point

    weighed down overnight but not much brine was created

    making due without an official crock

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    Man that looks delicious! My crock is currently full and will be done in a week or so....that looks like something to try for sure. I went to several different supermarkets looking for decent cabbage....everywhere I looked was marginal at best. My last stop was Krogers. They had beautiful heads of green cabbage and boy was it juicy! Almost too much brine. Maybe red cabbage doesn't contain as much moisture as its green cousin.
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    We been eating it on PP sammies.....  Darn it's good.......
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    Looking good Willie.

    Damon, you are correct, red cabbage is a hard vegetable requiring more pressure to extract less natural juice.  If you feel it necessary to add liquid, add additional whey or ferment juice from other vegetables, it will help getting the fermentation stage started.  If you would like a colorful kraut, try using a ratio of 1 part red cabbage to 5-6 parts white.  This will give you a colorful end product with plenty of natural juice without having to use a brine solution.

    Pictured in the top left of the cooler, behind some white kraut is some of my pink.
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    Now that looks good. And a will do for me and My Boys...

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