Hot pepper mash/sauce method

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    Here's my method for making a hot sauce. I've been fortunate to know someone who grows hot peppers on a commercial scale, and he lets people take them by the bushel.

    Select the peppers you want to use - hot, mild, a blend, it's up to you. Avoid mixing red and green unless you don't mind a brown sauce. This batch combined mainly red and yellow pods, mostly habaneros and fatalis. Stem and chop the peppers, knock out the seeds but don't worry about getting every last one. Simmer the chopped peppers along with onions and/or garlic to taste, in a water/vinegar mix, as you would cook vegetables until tender.

    Once tender, process the vegetables along with some of the cooking water, in batches. You get a coarse slurry.

    Return the slurry to the cookpot and return to a slow simmer. This is your time to adjust the amounts of salt and vinegar you want, along with whatever other flavors you might want to add.

    Then use the back of a ladle to force the mash through a coarse sieve, or use a food mill for this. You get a sauce, and pulp/seeds as a byproduct - you can use that to flavor something like a batch of hot vinegar.

    The final result is a sauce that can go through a squirt-top bottle like a woozie.

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    Very nice tutorial.....thanks for sharing. Very similar to what I do although I normally use the dried, very hot, Arbols with a milder pepper added for flavor. The food mill is a very handy tool to have around.....nice to have a pal with such a large pepper planting...Willie
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    Thanks for a great tutorial.  Simple to do, and a person can use whatever peppers (hot, med, mild) that they want.


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