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Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by barrycuda, May 18, 2012.

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    I am trying Pop's wet cure on a pork loin for mainly smoked pork chops on the grill and some CB which will also be cooked . Since I plan to cook this loin would a cold smoke be a better way to go or should I hot smoke. I am a novice at cold smoking only doing belly bacon once which turned out OK. If I do cold smoke (80 to 100 degrees) how long should I smoke? I will be using my Masterbuilt Gasser modified for the AMZN.

    Another question- I put three 3# pieces of loin in brine yesterday. They range from 2 to 21/2 inches thick and I did not inject. Would 10 days be long enough to brine? Thanks.

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    Barry, morning....  Cold smoking should be done less than 77 deg....  The smoke, for cold smoking, should be very, very thin... some even alternate smoke, no smoke, smoke etc over several days....  that allows the smoke to penetrate and not be too strong.... It's all personal preference...  You will not need the heat from the smoker to cold smoke.... Cold smoking will be fine for cooking later... Just like bacon.....   

    Curing times... This is from Pops WIKI..... 

    Curing times vary with meat, but generally overnight to 2-3 days for chickens and turkeys, 8-10 days buckboard bacon, 10-14 days belly bacon, pork shoulder, whole butts, 3-4 weeks whole hams, 10-20 days corned beef (fresh beef roasts, briskets, rolled rib roasts, etc.)   If whole muscle is more than 2" thick, then inject so it can cure i/o as well as o/i, and/or in and around bone structures, etc.

    It appears, 10 days would be OK.... keep the temp around 38-40 degrees.....  I have read where the salt and nitrite can form a gradient in the brining solution so stirring and rotating (overhauling) the meat is generally accepted as a good practice... 

    Good smoking and don't forget the Q-views.......  Dave 

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