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Discussion in 'Grilling Tips' started by lfroberts5, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. lfroberts5

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    I saw this on Thanksgiving on one of the food channels..They were showcasing some of the top steak places in the US...

    One seared the steak at 800 degrees. The other place seared at 1300 degrees...

    Any thoughts on this with regard to the reverse sear method?

  2. raceyb

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    you always want to sear at a high temperature to lock in juices and get the pretty grill marks. In fact, that reminds me, i need to get to Lowes and buy a cast iron grate device for use on grills.
  3. mballi3011

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    I Know that Ruth Chris that sear the steaks at very high temps and then I thinks the other one is Peter Luger's in New York city. You would like to sear your steaks at a high temp but unless you have a new inferred grills you cann't get much over 600* for searing. I heat my grill and then throw the steaks on and get some good markings and then cook them the way I like them mostly rare to med rare. It's really to each his own after all you are just tring to impress yourself with your food.
  4. I saw this show several weeks ago (steak paradise I think). I think the place w/1300 degree burners was looking for a bit of 'mine's bigger than yours' bragging rights. Can you really taste the difference between an 800 and 1300 degree sear?

    I think the real secret is in the dry aging process many of the top steak houses use.
  5. gnubee

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    When I was younger I worked as a dish dog in a local restaurant. As hard as this is to believe the Cook, an Incredibly lazy man, used to deep fry the steaks. He timed them for rare, medium, and well done. Then he would take out a grill mark branding iron He had made out of a section of grill. It had a welded on handle. He left it on top of a bed of coals so that it was always red hot. When the steak had been in the fryer the prescribed amount of time He would take it out, drain it then quickly brand grill marks on each side of the meat. It took just seconds to get the marks. The steak itself tasted like bland rubber. He just didn't care. They advertised charcoal grilled steaks. The only thing in that kitchen that saw charcoal was that branding iron. He and the boss thought that was hugely funny. I was 17 at the time and could care less in those days. Looking back I can see the giant fraud for what it was. [​IMG]
  6. raceyb

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    ROFL at that story Gnubee, thanks for sharing.... That's pretty sad really, but funny if ya ain't eatin there...

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