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  1. I did my first Boston Butt yesterday and did it the hot & fast method. It was a 8.68 lb butt. Put it in an aluminum pan. Spread Heinz yellow mustard on top & sides, then generously shook Jeff's rub on the top & sides. Then got my Masterbuilt propane ready. I used pecan chunks with water in the pan, got it up to about 230deg and some nice smoke going. I let it go for about 5hrs, internal temp to 150deg took it out of the smoker. I poured a 2cup, 50:50 mix of Crown Royal & apple juice into the pan. Stirred in about 1/2cup of rub into the pan liquid and shook about 1/4cup over the butt. Covered it with aluminum foil. Put the pan on a cookie sheet. Got my electric oven to 325deg & put it in the oven. I use the Maverick ET-733 and a red Thermapen to monitor & check temps in the smoker and oven. I had never used the Maverick in the oven before. I thought the cable would keep the oven door from sealing. That was not the case. Maintained a good seal throughout the 5hrs the butt was in the oven. Got the internal temp up to 205deg and double checked with the Thermapen. The bone came out rather easy. Using my silicone cooking gloves it separated rather easy. Pulled the fat sections out and put the pork chunks in a separate pan. Did my pull using the gloves and silicone tipped tongs. I poured about half of the juices into the pulled pork and finished the pull. Very tender, juicy and tasty. The family made sandwiches and raved about how good it was. My son asked when I would be doing another, before they finished with that one. I forgot to take pics. I make sure to do that next time! :grilling_smilie:
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    Sounds like you've got it figured out, what's on the grill for next weekend?
  3. Probably the old standbys.....brats, burgers, chicken. Might do some half chickens in the smoker. I kinda like the country style ribs. Might try smoking those as well. What about you?
  4. Sounds like you nailed it. The oven can be a great way to accelerate the end of the cook. I foil mine when I don't have the time to wait however I do like the bark when not foiling.....RTB..[​IMG]

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