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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by chef_boy812, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. chef_boy812

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    Well I finally made my first emulsified sausage. I made the chicago style hotdog from The book "Charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn.
    I even rendered my own beef fat, now that's total weinie commitment.

    A word of advice for anyone making emulsified cured sausage for the first time, weigh your ingredients very carefully, and measure everthing befor you start. I even had my crushed ise weighed out in the freezer. The reasons are The porportion of pink salt to meat is important, and the ratio of fat, meat, and water has to be exact for the forcemeat to hold a proper emulsion.

    After grind number 1

    Now doesn't that look yummy, the hard part is keeping everything dead cold while you mix.

    I finally got them stuffed up. I lost about 1/5 of my mixture in the process. The Kitchen aide mixer stuffer is NOT the tool for emulsified sausage. it was like trying to put poop back into a baby, it just wastn't going. I am going to smoke them today.

    They have to be cold smoked under 90 f. for 2 hours. I am using apple to keep it mild. I don't quite know what I am going to do for a cold smoker yet, but I'm sure something will get riged up.

    I will have more view today.
  2. how many times did you mince/grind them ?
    Approximately what % fat are they ?
    Nice looking links :)
    So are these going to be cold smoked and then hung to dry and cure ?
    Oh yeah - and what on earth is 'priming sugar' ? Sounds like something from my pyro days ;-)
  3. kratzx4

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    Looks good keep us posted
  4. richtee

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    Not only important with the cure, but downright crucial. As has been mentioned, if you REALLY blow the cure amount, severe health risks and even death are possible. Now, we're talking ALOT...1 gram I think I read of nitrate, which is something like 15 grams cure...but attention! That's the reason for the pink and blue it cannot be mistook for table salt.

    LOL We need a "Quote of the Week" section...voted on Sunday evening! Whaddia think? hehe...great one there...

    On edit...yanno, this deserves POINTS for the work and perserverence!
  5. chef_boy812

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    Thanks curious AA

    It is 2 grinds 1 corse with just meat and fat, then a fine grind with fat, meat and ice.

    then you season and mix on high speed for 5 minutes.
    I know you are fat conscious, so please sit down for fear of shock; they are 50% fat.

    They will be cold smoked then poached. after that they are treated like an american hot dog; grilled with toppings on a long bun.

    the chicago traditional toppings; mustard, onion, blue relish, pickle spear, sport peppers, tomatoe, and celery salt.

    Priming sugar is dextrose sugar, I use it to carbonate my homebrewed beer in the bottle.

  6. chef_boy812

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    Thanks Brother!
    I appreciate you adding more weight to the pink salt info. I know i under emphasized it.

    This is a great recipe though, when I tasted a poached nugget it was a good garlicky bologna flavor.
  7. bassman

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    Looking good. You have way more patience than I do. Hope it turns out as good as it looks.
  8. 50 %
    Wow so you're going into competition with the commercial dogs then lol
    And yeah - I'd seriously modify that recipe lol

    Here's a thought. Why not mix all the spices into the meat BEFORE you grind. That way after the second grind you're all done and can proceed straight to the stuffing. The meat stays colder and the seasonings are totally mixed in with the sausage :)

    And if you're going to poach the sausages then cook them (yep this is how I make my hot dogs) - what purpose is the cure serving ?
    Doesn't seem to be one.

    be interesting to know whether cold smoking them for 2 hours does anything much at all. I'd think that's not long enough to add a decent smoke flavour - also the poaching might remove what smoke there is.

    Have you done all the steps yet ?
  9. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    He's cold smoking them.
  10. guvna

    guvna Smoking Fanatic

    awesome! if ya bribe with a dog ya might earn yourself some points! okay, points anyway...
  11. chef_boy812

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    Thanks Guvna!!

    Well, here is the most rigged cold smoker in exhistance, but gosh darnit if it ain't working!

    I took my charcoal sarter and just put a few lumps of carcoal in it, and a handful of apple pellets. put a pie tin under it to restrict the air flow, and made a duct out of foil.

    But I have TBS and a nice low temp. I need to find some magnets to help holdthe foil to the grill better.

    see ya in 2 hours for the poach.
  12. richtee

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  13. lcruzen

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    Got the points covered but I was thinking more along the Red Green line.

    "Of course this is only temporary, unless it works."

    Can't wait to see the finished product!
  14. chef_boy812

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    Thanks IC

    "If the ladies don't find ya handsome, they can at least find ya handy!" lol!

    I have 1 hour down and I have leveled the temp at 93 degrees, a tiny bit higher than what I want, but I am sure it will be fine.

    I was thinking of installing a smoke daddy since it would be a permanate function. I still can't believe it is working. LOL!
  15. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    POINTS for the Red Green reference! LOL!
  16. smoking gun

    smoking gun Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    For it to be a true Red Green design doesn't it need duck tape somewhere? Just sayin. [​IMG]

    Still thats an ingenious design. Nice job.
  17. yep you gotta have duck tape :)

    And I still don't see the point of the cure. There's sufficient salt and fat in there that no appreciable bacterial growth will occur. Plus as soon as it's out of the smoker it's getting boiled. Again any bacteria that's grabbed a foothold is toast (metaphorically speaking).

    You're not actually leaving the sausages around for long enough to warrant a cure. So again - why ? What's it say in the book ?
  18. chef_boy812

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    Fat is a major food sorce for bacteria, and the time is compounding. Yeah I have 4 hours in the temperature danger zone, but that counts, time from slaughter, process, secondary process, and my hand.

    Botchulism is my main bacteria of concern, it is not the bacteria that causes botulism, but it's by-product waste. it will kill you and it is not broken down by heat. it doesn't matter if I am going to freeze it 320 f. below zero or boil it for days, the botulism poison will still be preasant.

    but the other reason I am following the recipe so close is I know what a Chicago hot dog tastes like, so If this doesn't taste like a Chicago dog, I know I did something wrong, and I have a better chance of seeing what I did wrong. I am very pragmatic in my projecs, but I need a base line to form answers.
  19. wutang

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    Then the real question is: Are you gonna go all out with the poppy seed bun, celery salt, tomato slices and cucumbers?????
  20. richtee

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    CA... for ANY sausage I make...unless it goes right to the pan or freezer...which means to the smoker- I use cure. Well, unless it's going in at 250° Yes... there are other avenues, and most are safe. You have a deeper understanding of this end of things...I don't. Mosquito-shotgun. Better for me safe than sorry. Especially when- USED CORRECTLY- there is no appreciable down side.

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