Hot deer jerky experiment #2 with Q view and recipe

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  1. My last attempt at spicy hot jerky left much to be desired.  The co-worker I made it for asked me to turn up the thermostat, so I scratched my head, did some thinkin' ( that part hurts much ), and came up with some tweeks I thought would do the trick. [​IMG]   I think it was successful.  One piece of jerky was enough to make my head sweat.  Two was enough to inspire me to grab a cold one..[​IMG]

    Here's the basics of the recipe....

    Basting sauce....

    1 1/2 cups teriyaki sauce ( your choice )

    3/4 cup Franks Original Hot Sauce

    2 good sized Serrano peppers

    1 Tablespoon sliced jalapeno pepper

    1 Tablespoon jalapeno pepper juice from the jar they came in

    Put above ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly

    After slicing the meat and laying out flat, I used the measured amounts of my jerky cure and seasoning but added 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper powder to the sprinkle mix. Spiced and basted both sides of the meat, placed in a Pyrex and fridged for 24 hrs.

    Come smoker time did my normal gig of 190* chamber temp, hour and a half of hickory smoke. First check at hour and half mark and start pulling what's done.  Checked every thirty minutes pulling as complete...

    The loose foil atop the jerky is because my smoker has recently started dripping nasty black stuff onto the meat.  I've done some scraping and cleaning but it needs a more thorough treatment before my next batch.

    Here's the shot of the completed batch.

    I'm very pleased with the flavor and pepper heat.  Initial flavor has the complexities of the hickory spices but the pepper flavors are nicely mingled, the pepper heat is there right away but not overpowering and boy does it build as you get into that second piece. The heat and flavors linger nicely after consumption. 
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    Looks good from here. A lot of heat in jerky comes from Black Pepper. Balance with the chiles and get an up front and lingering heat...JJ
  3. crazymoon

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    Looks good and hot , great beer jerky !
  4. Thank ya Moon [​IMG]   Co worker I made it forr was very pleased, wants all the jerky I make for him done like this. Sampled it out to several others at work. All of em said it made the top of the head sweat after first bite but not too hot to eat. And yes, inspired thoughts of cold ones for sure.

    BTW - this recipe made enough sauce for about 4 lbs. of jerky.   Happy Shmokin' ! - Ed

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